Sims Family

I spent one chilly Saturday morning with the Sims family and their precious new baby girl. Their house reminded me so much of my childhood home. This darling little lady filled my lens with cuteness and lots of yawns. What a joyous way to spend a morning. bsomeIMG_6249bw bsomeIMG_6241 bsomeIMG_6253bsomeIMG_6290 bsomeIMG_6277bw bsomeIMG_6279bw bsomeIMG_6299 bsomeIMG_6287 bsomeIMG_6292bsomeIMG_6302 bsomeIMG_6313 bsomeIMG_6314bsomeIMG_6412 bsomeIMG_6415bw bsomeIMG_6331bw bsomeIMG_6371bw bsomeIMG_6367 bsomeIMG_6358 bsomeIMG_6393 bsomeIMG_6384bsomeIMG_6420 bsomeIMG_6446

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