Ellison Family {mini}

Not only did the world gain a precious child…but the family pup gained a baby sister. And now it is his sole duty to watch her every move and raise an ear to her every whimper. Delissa Ana, or Dela, was a quiet, sweet babe on the evening I met her. But I was not fooled…I could sense a depth of personality in those stare-a-hole-right-through-me eyes. This girl will do great things. Thanks for spending an evening of your life with me, Ashley & Mahan!
bsomeIMG_2491 bsomeIMG_2464 bsomeIMG_2468bw bsomeIMG_2495 bsomeIMG_2479bsomeIMG_2516bwbsomeIMG_2513bwbsomeIMG_2512bsomeIMG_2528cbsomeIMG_2530bsomeIMG_2543bsomeIMG_2549bsomeIMG_2550bwbsomeIMG_2559bsomeIMG_2562bwbsomeIMG_2572bwbsomeIMG_2600bsomeIMG_2604bwbsomeIMG_2609bsomeIMG_2627cbsomeIMG_2646bsomeIMG_2634bwbsomeIMG_2650bsomeIMG_2654bsomeIMG_2656bwbsomeIMG_2660bwbsomeIMG_2662bsomeIMG_2667bsomeIMG_2676

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Lilly Wedding

After spending the day with Jr and Brittney for their engagement shoot, I was pretty pumped about their wedding day. These two are so much fun to be around: laid back, fun-loving, free spirits with a genuine care for their friends and family. When you’re with them, you feel loved…and sometimes your face hurts from laughing. Their special day all unfolded within a 4 mile wide pocket in Rockingham County. Hair and makeup was done at Brittney’s house; first look and group photos went down at Lake Shendandoah; ceremony and reception was held in Grandma Burner’s backyard (Brittney’s grandmother). With a day this personal, I left feeling like family…and filled with s’mores. Surely the best kind of feeling. bsomeIMG_3975bsomeIMG_3977bsomeIMG_3986bsomeIMG_4016bsomeIMG_3913bw bsomeIMG_3929bsomeIMG_4020bsomeIMG_3951bwbsomeIMG_3934bsomeIMG_3943bsomeIMG_4073bsomeIMG_4079bwbsomeIMG_4086bsomeIMG_4111bsomeIMG_4108bsomeIMG_4115bsomeIMG_4121bwbsomeIMG_4151bsomeIMG_4092bsomeIMG_4135bsomeIMG_4631bsomeIMG_4648bsomeIMG_4230bsomeIMG_4176bwbsomeIMG_4165bsomeIMG_4186bsomeIMG_4184bsomeIMG_4181bsomeIMG_4205bsomeIMG_4224bsomeIMG_4221bsomeIMG_4211bsomeIMG_4217bsomeIMG_4232bsomeIMG_4213bsomeIMG_4383bwbsomeIMG_4435bsomeIMG_4431bsomeIMG_4409bwbsomeIMG_4421bsomeIMG_4415bsomeIMG_4497bsomeIMG_4624bsomeIMG_4233bsomeIMG_4242bsomeIMG_4243bsomeIMG_4246bsomeIMG_4253bsomeIMG_4256bsomeIMG_4257bsomeIMG_4261bsomeIMG_4262bsomeIMG_4269bsomeIMG_4266bwbsomeIMG_4283bwbsomeIMG_4294bsomeIMG_4311bsomeIMG_4315bsomeIMG_4456bsomeIMG_4551bsomeIMG_4559bwbsomeIMG_4556bwbsomeIMG_4562bsomeIMG_4564cbsomeIMG_4570bsomeIMG_4604bwbsomeIMG_4583bsomeIMG_4589bsomeIMG_4591bwbsomeIMG_4597bsomeIMG_4600bsomeIMG_4447bsomeIMG_4534bsomeIMG_4538bsomeIMG_4544bsomeIMG_4546bsomeIMG_4548bsomeIMG_4515bwbsomeIMG_4396bsomeIMG_4397bsomeIMG_3993bsomeIMG_3996bsomeIMG_4015bsomeIMG_4009bsomeIMG_3999bsomeIMG_4004bsomeIMG_4663bsomeIMG_4695bsomeIMG_4708bsomeIMG_4715bsomeIMG_4716bwbsomeIMG_4733bsomeIMG_4745bwbsomeIMG_4749bwbsomeIMG_4750bwbsomeIMG_4758bsomeIMG_4766bsomeIMG_4848bsomeIMG_4851bwbsomeIMG_5213bsomeIMG_5214bsomeIMG_4853bsomeIMG_4797bsomeIMG_4812bsomeIMG_4817bsomeIMG_4823bsomeIMG_4774bwbsomeIMG_5116bsomeIMG_4658bsomeIMG_4971bsomeIMG_4991bwbsomeIMG_5015bsomeIMG_5080bsomeIMG_5149bsomeIMG_5154bwbsomeIMG_5177bsomeIMG_5180bsomeIMG_5184bsomeIMG_5189bsomeIMG_5194bsomeIMG_5234bsomeIMG_5237bsomeIMG_5269bsomeIMG_5300bsomeIMG_5264

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Lilly!

Blakemore’s FlowersClassic Tuxedo  | Church Street Bridal


Herr Family {mini}

I’ve known the Herr’s since I started to know myself. They are one of the most loving and welcoming families around. On a recent sunny Friday afternoon I headed out to their home to hang out on the porch, under a tree and in the grass – the perfect way to be in the company of Papa Bird, sweet Lia and beautiful Mama Herr…and various animals.bsomeIMG_3801bsomeIMG_3803bsomeIMG_3798





Jenner Family {mini}

When I asked Rachel to say something to make Andrew laugh, she uttered “explosive diarrhea” without skipping a beat. Ok, it’s like that. And it worked – we all laughed. Except for Alexander who sat comfortably in his freshly changed outfit with a look of guilt across his face. What a sweet little laundry maker.

Rachel and Andrew invited me into their home to spend some time with them, their sweet dog, Foster, and their new baby boy, Alexander.  I love love holding a session in someone’s home. I’ve been a guest in the Jenner house many times but never for the purpose of photography…and that changes things.  I love seeing the way people live, unapologetically, on a day-to-day basis. I love the way coats rest and dish towels hang and blankets are tossed and plants bask in the sun. I love the smells. The sounds. The light. And on this particular occasion, the baby and his furry big brother were pretty easy on the eyes too.bsomeIMG_3818 bsomeIMG_3817 bsomeIMG_3821 bsomeIMG_3823 bsomeIMG_3825bw bsomeIMG_3826 bsomeIMG_3833bsomeIMG_3839 bsomeIMG_3837bwbsomeIMG_3848bw bsomeIMG_3846bw bsomeIMG_3843 bsomeIMG_3844 bsomeIMG_3849bsomeIMG_3851 bsomeIMG_3855 bsomeIMG_3859bw bsomeIMG_3863 bsomeIMG_3864 bsomeIMG_3856bsomeIMG_3878 bsomeIMG_3866cbw bsomeIMG_3868 bsomeIMG_3873bsomeIMG_3892 bsomeIMG_3895 bsomeIMG_3882 bsomeIMG_3893 bsomeIMG_3894bw bsomeIMG_3938bsomeIMG_3935bw bsomeIMG_3917 bsomeIMG_3922bsomeIMG_3921bsomeIMG_3932c bsomeIMG_3923 bsomeIMG_3909bwbsomeIMG_3946bw bsomeIMG_3949bsomeIMG_3954 bsomeIMG_3957 bsomeIMG_3965

Kimberly, Justin, Echo {mini}

If dogs are family then Echo is my nephew. My spoiled little turd of a nephew. I met with Kimmy and Justin and my turd of a…I mean, Echo, on what was probably the coldest day of this year so far. I exaggerate. They were up for anything so we wandered to this rundown nook in New Market. It made a great stale backdrop for their fun-loving personalities to shine through.
bsomeIMG_8965 bsomeIMG_8957bwbsomeIMG_8948 bsomeIMG_8944 bsomeIMG_8946bsomeIMG_8956 bsomeIMG_8955bw bsomeIMG_8951bsomeIMG_8976 bsomeIMG_8968bsomeIMG_8985 bsomeIMG_8987bsomeIMG_9018bw bsomeIMG_8986bw bsomeIMG_8990bw bsomeIMG_8992bsomeIMG_9003 bsomeIMG_9007 bsomeIMG_9013bsomeIMG_9020 bsomeIMG_9025 bsomeIMG_9028bwbsomeIMG_9030 bsomeIMG_9036 bsomeIMG_9045 bsomeIMG_9046bsomeIMG_9047 bsomeIMG_9050bw bsomeIMG_9052 bsomeIMG_9053 bsomeIMG_9062 bsomeIMG_9055 bsomeIMG_9059

Rascal {mini}

So there I was in Classic Tuxedo, picking up a bow tie…for a dog. Don’t mind me. I was pumped to do my first puppy session. Especially with a pup I’m so fond of. Especially with a pup in a bow tie! What?! When I got back into my car to drive to my studio all I could do was think of puppy puns (and crack myself up). Here goes: Pupxedo. Dress to the K-9’s. Bow-wow Tie. Furmal Session. Dog Photog-RUF-y. Ok ok…that’s as far as I got. It was a short drive. Feel free to leave your punny thoughts in the comment section.
Meet Rascal: He’s…a little rascal. And as sweet as can be.
bsomeIMG_7932bsomeIMG_7934 bsomeIMG_7930bw bsomeIMG_7942bsomeIMG_7955 bsomeIMG_7944bw bsomeIMG_7952bsomeIMG_7965 bsomeIMG_7993c bsomeIMG_7996bw bsomeIMG_8004bsomeIMG_8009 bsomeIMG_8011 bsomeIMG_8012bw bsomeIMG_8026 bsomeIMG_8027bw bsomeIMG_8031bwbsomeIMG_8041 bsomeIMG_8058 bsomeIMG_8061 bsomeIMG_8036 bsomeIMG_8055bw bsomeIMG_8053bw bsomeIMG_8069bw bsomeIMG_8083 bsomeIMG_8087bsomeIMG_8094

Orem Maternity

I’ve been wanting to do a grocery store themed shoot for a while and when Sarah told me about her love of the Friendly City Food Co-op and her recent pregnancy cravings, I felt like I hit the jackpot! I met with Sarah, Chris and their sweet pup on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. After spending some time in cool air and bright sunshine we headed down to the FCFC for some Friendly City photo fun!bsomeIMG_8904 bsomeIMG_8923bw bsomeIMG_8928bw bsomeIMG_9046collage

bsomeIMG_9073c bsomeIMG_9081 bsomeIMG_9088bw bsomeIMG_9107bw bsomeIMG_9094 bsomeIMG_9111bw bsomeIMG_9119bw bsomeIMG_9125collage bsomeIMG_9131bw