Johnson Family

I met the Johnson Family in Bridgewater for a co-co-cold morning session. The river had a magical blue hue while flurries fell and children shivered. These guys were troopers! The warmth of their smiles and love will fill your heart. Go hug someone you love! bsomeIMG_6456 bsomeIMG_6471 bsomeIMG_6479 bsomeIMG_6481 bsomeIMG_6491 bsomeIMG_6486 bsomeIMG_6494 bsomeIMG_6497bsomeIMG_6505 bsomeIMG_6523bw bsomeIMG_6526bw bsomeIMG_6530c bsomeIMG_6536bsomeIMG_6550 bsomeIMG_6551 bsomeIMG_6545bsomeIMG_6568 bsomeIMG_6617 bsomeIMG_6590bw bsomeIMG_6574 bsomeIMG_6640 bsomeIMG_6654

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