Sponaugle Wedding

The last time I visited The Columns at Six Penny Farm was for Kayleigh and Brandon’s engagement session. It was as beautiful as I remembered with a breathtaking view of Massanutten Mountain sitting nonchalantly to the west. While the vendors bustled around outside, the bride and her maids prepped in the upstairs of the home while the guys enjoyed an epic man cave in the basement. Once all the pieces fell into place, Kayleigh, escorted by her father, met Brandon at the alter and vowed to love one another forever. The evening that followed included yard games, cocktails, creative entrances by the wedding party, a delicious meal, icing to the face, and lots of dancing and laughter.bsomeimg_1979 bsomeimg_1974bsomeimg_2015bsomeimg_2017bsomeimg_2023bsomeimg_2053bsomeimg_2065bsomeimg_2073bsomeimg_2080bsomeimg_2116 bsomeimg_2090 bsomeimg_2104 bsomeimg_2111bsomeimg_2149bsomeimg_2129bsomeimg_2140bsomeimg_2169bsomeimg_2175bsomeimg_2209bsomeimg_2221bsomeimg_2230bsomeimg_2256bsomeimg_2257smallspoon176smallspoon179bsomeimg_2293bsomeimg_2308bsomeimg_2311bsomeimg_2314bsomeimg_2318bsomeimg_2321bsomeimg_2327bsomeimg_2494bsomeimg_2503bsomeimg_2514bsomeimg_2539bsomeimg_2542bsomeimg_2566bsomeimg_2569bwbsomeimg_2554bsomeimg_2590bsomeimg_2595bsomeimg_2600bsomeimg_2603bsomeimg_2611bsomeimg_2667bsomeimg_2634bsomeimg_2747bsomeimg_2879bsomeimg_2911bsomeimg_2919bsomeimg_2934bsomeimg_2964bsomeimg_2768bsomeimg_2684bsomeimg_2187bsomeimg_3035bsomeimg_3050bsomeimg_3160bsomeimg_3172bsomeimg_3239

Venue: Columns at Six Penny Farms | Event Planner: It’s Your Day | Caterer: Hank’s | Cake: Buttercream Dream | Cupcakes: Cupcake Company | Flowers: Blakemore’s Flowers | DJ: Primetime Sound | Dress: Amanda’s Touch | Tuxedo: Classic Tuxedo | Rings: James McHone | Videography: Innerloupe | and of course, photography by Brandy Somers

Shipp Family

Children, like living timelines, show us the ever-changing time. It has been pure joy documenting this family from before they were even a family. Now here they are with a home and a yard and a little boy who speaks sentences and asks curious questions and a sweet baby girl who is content to simply be in your company. What a wonderful nest they have created. This at-home session took place in Grottoes, Virginia.bsomeimg_1513 bsomeimg_1526 bsomeimg_1532 bsomeimg_1518 bsomeimg_1516 bsomeimg_1544 bsomeimg_1571 bsomeimg_1595 bsomeimg_1603 bsomeimg_1600 bsomeimg_1631 bsomeimg_1665 bsomeimg_1694 bsomeimg_1686bsomeimg_1701bsomeimg_1740bsomeimg_1778bsomeimg_1781bsomeimg_1767bsomeimg_1796bsomeimg_1815bsomeimg_1829bsomeimg_1840

Marker Family

It has been a joy photographing this family since their son was just a wee one, swaddled tightly in his blankie. All previous sessions have been before he could walk or talk and I’m certain this ball of energy is making up for lost time. On the evening of our shoot, he thought my camera was the most hilarious thing in all of life. Every click of the shutter brought on contagious giggles. I’ve watched him grow through my lens along with the love this family shares. And what a beautiful thing that is.












Hawthorn-Gunderson Wedding

I stopped my car on a country road to take a photo of the sign pointing to the wedding. It was hand drawn rainbow colored bubble letters on cardboard, duct taped to the post of a road sign. “She’s in love with the boy…” I could hear Trisha Yearwood’s x’s and o’s faintly from a neighbors garage. On cue, the breeze slowly moved the buttery thick summer air as guests arrived at Paul and Maya’s home, the location of their wedding. Family members and close friends were all contently busy with tasks and everyone had a role, including the flower girl, Maya’s daughter Anna, who took me on a tour of the yard as she picked her own basket of flowers. She patiently and accurately described the flowers, trees and other plants to me, calling them all by name. With a rainbow color scheme set for the day, it was only appropriate for a cake cutting thunderstorm followed by a brilliant rainbow that stretched over the horizon. This wedding is one for the books. A genuine display of what it means to gather in love, family, friendship and fellowship and not things and things and things. Thanks for leading inspiring lives Maya and Paul and so many congrats to you both.
bsomeIMG_8008bsomeIMG_8138bsomeIMG_7978bsomeIMG_8167 bsomeIMG_8025bsomeIMG_8149 bsomeIMG_8010bsomeIMG_7987bsomeIMG_7991bsomeIMG_8001bsomeIMG_8033bsomeIMG_8095bsomeIMG_8087bsomeIMG_8063bsomeIMG_8040bsomeIMG_8178bsomeIMG_8182bsomeIMG_8215bsomeIMG_8217bsomeIMG_8219bsomeIMG_8206bsomeIMG_8244bsomeIMG_8261bsomeIMG_8269bsomeIMG_8264bsomeIMG_8278bsomeIMG_8309bsomeIMG_8318bsomeIMG_8329bsomeIMG_8345bsomeIMG_8373bsomeIMG_8370bsomeIMG_8362bsomeIMG_8384bsomeIMG_8406bsomeIMG_8437bsomeIMG_8397bsomeIMG_8415bsomeIMG_8427bsomeIMG_8458bsomeIMG_8413bsomeIMG_8456bsomeIMG_8472bsomeIMG_8512bsomeIMG_8518bsomeIMG_8526bsomeIMG_8531bsomeIMG_8614bsomeIMG_8616bsomeIMG_8641bsomeIMG_8647bsomeIMG_8660bsomeIMG_8841bsomeIMG_8849bsomeIMG_8791bsomeIMG_8507bsomeIMG_8870bsomeIMG_9055bsomeIMG_8898bsomeIMG_8914bsomeIMG_8936bsomeIMG_8940bsomeIMG_9058bsharedIMG_8988bsomeIMG_9104bsomeIMG_9014bsomeIMG_8686bsomeIMG_8705bsomeIMG_8767bsomeIMG_9072bsomeIMG_8972bsomeIMG_9132bsomeIMG_9136bsomeIMG_9346bsomeIMG_8592bsomeIMG_9244bsomeIMG_9189bsomeIMG_9215bsomeIMG_9233bsomeIMG_9081

Cake: Heritage Bakery | Grub: El Sol | Brew: Pale Fire | Hair: White Unicorn

Anderson Wedding

Justin and Amisha declared their vows in front of a postcard backdrop complete with Massanutten Mountain, every changing skies and lush greens in all directions. Family and friends gathered to witness the couple seal their love with a kiss and then dance the night away alongside their two sweet daughters. Among the many highlights of the day were the best man’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air inspired speech, the double (double) chocolate chunk wedding cake, the secret handshake of the groom and his daughter, the post-ceremony mini-Dixie Cup champagne shot, copper flower centerpieces handmade by the bride’s dad, and the send off under a sea of glow sticks. Congrats Amisha and Justin and cheers to many years of happiness!
bsomeIMG_5844 bsomeIMG_5824 bsomeIMG_5834bsomeIMG_6169 bsomeIMG_5840bsomeIMG_5896bsomeIMG_5910bsomeIMG_5899bsomeIMG_5903bsomeIMG_5906bsomeIMG_5926bsomeIMG_6119bsomeIMG_6085bsomeIMG_6059bsomeIMG_6049bsomeIMG_6071bsomeIMG_6091bsomeIMG_6013bsomeIMG_6014bsomeIMG_6037bsomeIMG_6129bsomeIMG_6139bsomeIMG_6217bsomeIMG_6222bsomeIMG_6232bsomeIMG_6227bsomeIMG_6236bsomeIMG_6245bsomeIMG_6294bsomeIMG_6410bsomeIMG_6373bsomeIMG_6434bsomeIMG_6446bsomeIMG_6464bsomeIMG_6481bsomeIMG_6492bsomeIMG_6497bsomeIMG_6500bsomeIMG_6544bsomeIMG_6551bsomeIMG_6592bsomeIMG_6708bsomeIMG_6742bsomeIMG_6733bsomeIMG_6620bsomeIMG_6649bsomeIMG_6677bsomeIMG_6653bsomeIMG_6687bsomeIMG_6715bsomeIMG_6720bsomeIMG_6734bsomeIMG_6803bsomeIMG_6776bsomeIMG_6816bsomeIMG_6905bsomeIMG_6959bsomeIMG_6937bsomeIMG_6910bsomeIMG_6921bsomeIMG_6940bsomeIMG_6950bsomeIMG_7117bsomeIMG_7113bsomeIMG_7053bsomeIMG_7047bsomeIMG_7057bsomeIMG_7223bsomeIMG_7192bsomeIMG_7144bsomeIMG_7141

Tilson-Williams Wedding

Misty and Adam wed on the top of a hill with gorgeous views at friends home in Rockingham County. The sky threatened droplets most of the day but the clouds carried them away. Green grass, blue ridges, the sound of leaves blowing in the breeze and a roaring bonfire were just a few of the natural touches that made their day so wonderful. bsomeIMG_4278 bsomeIMG_4280 bsomeIMG_4293bsomeIMG_4306bsomeIMG_4334bsomeIMG_4327bsomeIMG_4329bsomeIMG_4342bsomeIMG_4377bsomeIMG_4363bsomeIMG_4557bsomeIMG_4394bsomeIMG_4396bsomeIMG_4411bsomeIMG_4390bsomeIMG_4422bsomeIMG_4430bsomeIMG_4626bsomeIMG_4489bsomeIMG_4465bsomeIMG_4481bsomeIMG_4449bsomeIMG_4476bsomeIMG_4492bsomeIMG_4490bsomeIMG_4495bsomeIMG_4522bw bsomeIMG_4518 bsomeIMG_4533 bsomeIMG_4530 bsomeIMG_4532bsomeIMG_4600bsomeIMG_4627bsomeIMG_4635bsomeIMG_4672bsomeIMG_4675bsomeIMG_4680bsomeIMG_4716bsomeIMG_4734bsomeIMG_4751bsomeIMG_4779bsomeIMG_4753bsomeIMG_4790bsomeIMG_4795bsomeIMG_4815bsomeIMG_4822bsomeIMG_4832bsomeIMG_4839bsomeIMG_4849bsomeIMG_4865bsomeIMG_4887bsomeIMG_4884bsomeIMG_4878bsomeIMG_4908bsomeIMG_4914bsomeIMG_4917bsomeIMG_4927bwbsomeIMG_5028bsomeIMG_5089bsomeIMG_4399bsomeIMG_4577bsomeIMG_4581bsomeIMG_5144bwbsomeIMG_5148bsomeIMG_5193bsomeIMG_5173bsomeIMG_5231bsomeIMG_5286bsomeIMG_5301bsomeIMG_5296bsomeIMG_5326bsomeIMG_5327bsomeIMG_5304bsomeIMG_5288bsomeIMG_5308bsomeIMG_5350bsomeIMG_5355bsomeIMG_5333bsomeIMG_5347bwbsomeIMG_5348

Flowers: Sparrows Flowers | Caterer: Scrumptious Suppers | Cake: Heritage Bakery | Venue: a friend’s home in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Gomes-Sponaugle, Engagement

She handed me a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. A small gift largely representative of Kayleigh’s giant heart and sweet nature. About a year ago, I took a snapshot of Kayleigh and Brandon as they celebrated their friends wedding. This year, they are in the midst of planning their own wedding and I am thrilled to be the one that will document their special day. For the engagement session, we visited their wedding venue, The Columns at Six Penny Farms. With wonderful views in all directions, on this particular November evening, we enjoyed lovely golden sunlight pouring over rolling mountains.bsomeIMG_7889 bsomeIMG_7884 bsomeIMG_7899 bsomeIMG_7897 bsomeIMG_7910 bsomeIMG_7933bsomeIMG_7946bsomeIMG_7948bsomeIMG_7967bsomeIMG_7918bsomeIMG_7991bsomeIMG_7996bsomeIMG_8001bsomeIMG_8008bsomeIMG_8016bwbsomeIMG_8028bsomeIMG_8035bsomeIMG_8045bsomeIMG_8055bsomeIMG_8063bsomeIMG_8072bsomeIMG_8068bsomeIMG_8077bsomeIMG_8113bsomeIMG_8120bsomeIMG_8121bsomeIMG_8130cbsomeIMG_8132bsomeIMG_8131bsomeIMG_8135

Sydney & Alison

I love watching life from behind my camera: bellies growing plump with life, moms and dads getting outnumbered by children, little tiny humans growing into their own personalities. Year after year, it always amazes me. That’s why I love documenting people over and over again. I last met with these sweet sisters two years ago. I remember their session well because it was sandwiched between four other sessions that day and theirs was by far the most energetic. And by energetic I mean my face hurt from smiling, I had grass stains on my knees and I really needed a snack. This year’s session was no different. They brought the jokes and giggles and high fives and hugs…all the good-for-the-soul kind of things. It was wonderful to see Sydney & Alison again and witness their individuality coming to life.
bsomeIMG_7352 bsomeIMG_7348 bsomeIMG_7369 bsomeIMG_7370bsomeIMG_7380bsomeIMG_7388 bsomeIMG_7399bsomeIMG_7407bsomeIMG_7409bsomeIMG_7417bsomeIMG_7434bsomeIMG_7436bsomeIMG_7453bsomeIMG_7450bsomeIMG_7469bsomeIMG_7466bsomeIMG_7476bsomeIMG_7490bsomeIMG_7493bsomeIMG_7509bsomeIMG_7510bsomeIMG_7503bsomeIMG_7517bw