Marker Family

It has been a joy photographing this family since their son was just a wee one, swaddled tightly in his blankie. All previous sessions have been before he could walk or talk and I’m certain this ball of energy is making up for lost time. On the evening of our shoot, he thought my camera was the most hilarious thing in all of life. Every click of the shutter brought on contagious giggles. I’ve watched him grow through my lens along with the love this family shares. And what a beautiful thing that is.












Godshall Family

The Godshall Family invited me to their home for a summer evening family session. And by ‘family’ I mean their son, two daughters, two dogs, new kitten, and two very-well-loved horses. Surely the grass was greener on this particular evening as golden light poured through flickering leaves of the trees. Below are a few of my favorite shots of this super sweet family.

Caine-Conley Wedding

Brides Brittany and Lindsay along with their four lovely bridesmaids spent the morning prepping for the wedding day at The Storefront in Staunton, Virginia. This unique little spot is located in the heart of downtown that, on this particular dreary day, was bustling with coffee-drinkers and mom-n-pop shoppers. The girls grabbed their umbrellas and we hit the streets until the droplets became more persistent. The day was the epitome of fall in the Valley: gray skies, drizzle, a calm coolness in the air and brilliant, radiant changing leaves. The ceremony and reception was held at the Octagonal Barn at the Frontier Culture Museum. Personal touches could be found in many forms. The table clothes were made from upcylced Lucas Roasting Company coffee bean sacks; hand-written thank you notes (one for each guest!) hung by clothespin on a line; they carried flower bouquets handmade by Caite (a bridesmaid) from old book pages; the fire pit was crafted and personalized by Brittany’s father; Brittany and Lindsay even baked homemade scones to pass out and share with each of their guests during the ceremony. As guests warmed their souls with A Bowl of Good soup, Three Brothers brew and dance floor shenanigans, the beauty of the event became more present. They had love (and soup and beer and dancing) what more do you really need?

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Hartsell Wedding

I arrived at Barren Ridge Vineyards a few moments before the bride and groom. And I’m glad I did. Otherwise, I would have missed the arrival of the soon-to-be-wed couple who casually strolled in the back door, wedding dress in hand, wind blown hair and beaming, relaxed contentment settled into their eyes. At first sight of their freshly decorated tables they both became vocally excited and thrilled that it was here. Their wedding day was finally here.  They rushed to different rooms to change and in a few short moments they were embracing and celebrating once again. The wind carried the time away as we wandered around the hills and vines of the vineyards with a Dalmatian in tow. Their family joined and later their friends and before we knew it the sun left the sky and guests enjoyed an epic first dance, a wonderful gourmet meal, smooth wine, toasts, stories, and lots of dancing. Congrats and cheers to you both, Amy and Kelly!bsomeIMG_0830 bsomeIMG_0823 bsomeIMG_0816 bsomeIMG_0808 bsomeIMG_0813 bsomeIMG_0854bsomeIMG_1025bsomeIMG_1030 bsomeIMG_0872bw bsomeIMG_0878bsomeIMG_0888bsomeIMG_0898bsomeIMG_0895bsomeIMG_0906bwbsomeIMG_0905bsomeIMG_0920bsomeIMG_0926bsomeIMG_0935bsomeIMG_0799bsomeIMG_0955bsomeIMG_0957bsomeIMG_0947bsomeIMG_0951bsomeIMG_0949bsomeIMG_0938bsomeIMG_0940bwbsomeIMG_0963bsomeIMG_0971cbsomeIMG_0968bsomeIMG_0978bwbsomeIMG_0986bsomeIMG_0984bwbsomeIMG_0983bwbsomeIMG_0995bsomeIMG_1009bsomeIMG_1016bsomeIMG_1006bsomeIMG_1151bsomeIMG_1156bsomeIMG_1130bsomeIMG_1137bsomeIMG_1062bsomeIMG_1107bsomeIMG_1119bsomeIMG_1125bsomeIMG_1159bsomeIMG_1163bsomeIMG_1145bsomeIMG_1174bsomeIMG_1188bsomeIMG_1194bsomeIMG_1196bsomeIMG_1186bsomeIMG_1201bsomeIMG_1209bsomeIMG_1212bsomeIMG_1236bsomeIMG_1244bsomeIMG_1280bwbsomeIMG_1289bsomeIMG_1302bsomeIMG_1448bsomeIMG_1572bwbsomeIMG_1577bwbsomeIMG_1445bsomeIMG_1584bsomeIMG_1695bsomeIMG_1679bsomeIMG_1713bsomeIMG_1618bsomeIMG_1642bsomeIMG_1675bwbsomeIMG_1745bwbsomeIMG_1580bwCupcakes & Cake: The Cupcake Company | Dress: Kathleen Temple, Tailor | Custom knitted shaw: Knitting Savant |Caterer: TASTE. | Florist: Joy Shank Coakley of The Weekend Florist | Venue: Barren Ridge Vineyards



Blosser Family

On my way to the Blosser’s home for their family session, I got lost. And right after that, I lost cell service. And soon, I would lose daylight. After zigzagging around Fulks Run, Virginia for nearly thirty minutes, I found their home tucked away on a beautiful patch of land. As the sun began to settle in for the night, their three dogs greeted me with barks while darting circles around me. The baby, Harper, stared at me for a few minutes…then fell asleep, right on her daddy’s chest. The whole evening was perfectly imperfect, just the way I like. What a sweet little growing family!
bsomeIMG_6812 bsomeIMG_6801 bsomeIMG_6826bw bsomeIMG_6850 bsomeIMG_6857 bsomeIMG_6870cbsomeIMG_6897 bsomeIMG_6895bw bsomeIMG_6879 bsomeIMG_6918bw bsomeIMG_6933 bsomeIMG_6937bsomeIMG_6967bsomeIMG_6961bsomeIMG_6979bsomeIMG_6955bw

Ellison Family {mini}

Not only did the world gain a precious child…but the family pup gained a baby sister. And now it is his sole duty to watch her every move and raise an ear to her every whimper. Delissa Ana, or Dela, was a quiet, sweet babe on the evening I met her. But I was not fooled…I could sense a depth of personality in those stare-a-hole-right-through-me eyes. This girl will do great things. Thanks for spending an evening of your life with me, Ashley & Mahan!
bsomeIMG_2491 bsomeIMG_2464 bsomeIMG_2468bw bsomeIMG_2495 bsomeIMG_2479bsomeIMG_2516bwbsomeIMG_2513bwbsomeIMG_2512bsomeIMG_2528cbsomeIMG_2530bsomeIMG_2543bsomeIMG_2549bsomeIMG_2550bwbsomeIMG_2559bsomeIMG_2562bwbsomeIMG_2572bwbsomeIMG_2600bsomeIMG_2604bwbsomeIMG_2609bsomeIMG_2627cbsomeIMG_2646bsomeIMG_2634bwbsomeIMG_2650bsomeIMG_2654bsomeIMG_2656bwbsomeIMG_2660bwbsomeIMG_2662bsomeIMG_2667bsomeIMG_2676

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Jenner Family {mini}

When I asked Rachel to say something to make Andrew laugh, she uttered “explosive diarrhea” without skipping a beat. Ok, it’s like that. And it worked – we all laughed. Except for Alexander who sat comfortably in his freshly changed outfit with a look of guilt across his face. What a sweet little laundry maker.

Rachel and Andrew invited me into their home to spend some time with them, their sweet dog, Foster, and their new baby boy, Alexander.  I love love holding a session in someone’s home. I’ve been a guest in the Jenner house many times but never for the purpose of photography…and that changes things.  I love seeing the way people live, unapologetically, on a day-to-day basis. I love the way coats rest and dish towels hang and blankets are tossed and plants bask in the sun. I love the smells. The sounds. The light. And on this particular occasion, the baby and his furry big brother were pretty easy on the eyes too.bsomeIMG_3818 bsomeIMG_3817 bsomeIMG_3821 bsomeIMG_3823 bsomeIMG_3825bw bsomeIMG_3826 bsomeIMG_3833bsomeIMG_3839 bsomeIMG_3837bwbsomeIMG_3848bw bsomeIMG_3846bw bsomeIMG_3843 bsomeIMG_3844 bsomeIMG_3849bsomeIMG_3851 bsomeIMG_3855 bsomeIMG_3859bw bsomeIMG_3863 bsomeIMG_3864 bsomeIMG_3856bsomeIMG_3878 bsomeIMG_3866cbw bsomeIMG_3868 bsomeIMG_3873bsomeIMG_3892 bsomeIMG_3895 bsomeIMG_3882 bsomeIMG_3893 bsomeIMG_3894bw bsomeIMG_3938bsomeIMG_3935bw bsomeIMG_3917 bsomeIMG_3922bsomeIMG_3921bsomeIMG_3932c bsomeIMG_3923 bsomeIMG_3909bwbsomeIMG_3946bw bsomeIMG_3949bsomeIMG_3954 bsomeIMG_3957 bsomeIMG_3965