Sims Family

I spent one chilly Saturday morning with the Sims family and their precious new baby girl. Their house reminded me so much of my childhood home. This darling little lady filled my lens with cuteness and lots of yawns. What a joyous way to spend a morning. bsomeIMG_6249bw bsomeIMG_6241 bsomeIMG_6253bsomeIMG_6290 bsomeIMG_6277bw bsomeIMG_6279bw bsomeIMG_6299 bsomeIMG_6287 bsomeIMG_6292bsomeIMG_6302 bsomeIMG_6313 bsomeIMG_6314bsomeIMG_6412 bsomeIMG_6415bw bsomeIMG_6331bw bsomeIMG_6371bw bsomeIMG_6367 bsomeIMG_6358 bsomeIMG_6393 bsomeIMG_6384bsomeIMG_6420 bsomeIMG_6446


Baby B

This baby might be the cutest baby I’ve seen (…since my own two of course…) in real life. This kid’s got the look. I was thrilled to join Kelsey and Megan soon after the birth of their baby boy for some shots that will memorialize this tiny human and all his preciousness. What a gift he is and will continue to be.
bsomeIMG_3815bw bsomeIMG_3821

bsomeIMG_3929bw bsomeIMG_3945 bsomeIMG_3832bw bsomeIMG_3845c bsomeIMG_3851 bsomeIMG_3866 bsomeIMG_3867bw bsomeIMG_3884bw bsomeIMG_3896bw bsomeIMG_3898bw bsomeIMG_3909collage bsomeIMG_3909 bsomeIMG_3904 bsomeIMG_3918

bsomeIMG_3922 bsomeIMG_3925 bsomeIMG_3927

bsomeIMG_3973 bsomeIMG_3978collage bsomeIMG_3985 bsomeIMG_4010 bsomeIMG_4013bw

bsomeIMG_4026bw bsomeIMG_4019 bsomeIMG_4038 bsomeIMG_4037bw

bsomeIMG_4050 bsomeIMG_4051 bsomeIMG_4052bw bsomeIMG_4058bw bsomeIMG_4062bw

bsomeIMG_4067collage bsomeIMG_4061

bsomeIMG_4069bw bsomeIMG_4088bw


bsomeIMG_4085 bsomeIMG_4101

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bsomeIMG_4138 bsomeIMG_4146bw bsomeIMG_4148c