Sydney & Alison

I love watching life from behind my camera: bellies growing plump with life, moms and dads getting outnumbered by children, little tiny humans growing into their own personalities. Year after year, it always amazes me. That’s why I love documenting people over and over again. I last met with these sweet sisters two years ago. I remember their session well because it was sandwiched between four other sessions that day and theirs was by far the most energetic. And by energetic I mean my face hurt from smiling, I had grass stains on my knees and I really needed a snack. This year’s session was no different. They brought the jokes and giggles and high fives and hugs…all the good-for-the-soul kind of things. It was wonderful to see Sydney & Alison again and witness their individuality coming to life.
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Ebersold Family

I met with Miranda, Chance and their son Graham at their home in Downtown, Harrisonburg for an at-home family session. The morning was crisp and cool and when I arrived, morning light poured through the stairwell window. It was a pleasure to photograph this beautiful, growing family just months before Graham becomes a big brother. Below are some of my favorites from our session.bsomeIMG_4044 bsomeIMG_4082 bsomeIMG_4083 bsomeIMG_4077 bsomeIMG_4093bsomeIMG_4033bwbsomeIMG_4115bsomeIMG_4144bsomeIMG_4139bsomeIMG_4131bsomeIMG_4166cbsomeIMG_4149bsomeIMG_4161bsomeIMG_4172bsomeIMG_4175bwbsomeIMG_4203bsomeIMG_4181bsomeIMG_4188bsomeIMG_4201bsomeIMG_4206bsomeIMG_4225bsomeIMG_4215bsomeIMG_4217bsomeIMG_4236bsomeIMG_4241

Godshall Family

The Godshall Family invited me to their home for a summer evening family session. And by ‘family’ I mean their son, two daughters, two dogs, new kitten, and two very-well-loved horses. Surely the grass was greener on this particular evening as golden light poured through flickering leaves of the trees. Below are a few of my favorite shots of this super sweet family.

VanMeter Wedding

Ike and Melissa married on a friend’s farm just outside of Harrisonburg, Virginia. The day promised and delivered scattered showers but it politely waited until after the ceremony and most of the photos. As Melissa met Ike at the alter, a rooster crowed in the distance, the guests spirits lifted with the breeze and a marriage was sealed with a kiss. During the reception the rain clouds parted, yard games commenced and there was a whole lot of shakin’ on the dance floor. As it should be.bsomeIMG_4551 bsomeIMG_4504 bsomeIMG_4514 bsomeIMG_4530 bsomeIMG_4562 bsomeIMG_4590 bsomeIMG_4588 bsomeIMG_4603 bsomeIMG_4465bsomeIMG_4641bsomeIMG_4664bsomeIMG_4676bsomeIMG_4675bsomeIMG_4636bsomeIMG_4630bsomeIMG_4802bsomeIMG_4811bsomeIMG_4729bsomeIMG_4731bsomeIMG_4760bsomeIMG_4751bsomeIMG_4756bsomeIMG_4710bsomeIMG_4776bsomeIMG_4851bsomeIMG_4854bsomeIMG_4857bsomeIMG_4881bsomeIMG_4889bsomeIMG_4908bsomeIMG_4915bsomeIMG_4923bsomeIMG_4912bsomeIMG_4954bsomeIMG_4949bsomeIMG_4971bsomeIMG_4960bsomeIMG_4972bwbsomeIMG_4981bsomeIMG_4985bsomeIMG_4989bsomeIMG_4976absomeIMG_4992bsomeIMG_4995bsomeIMG_4997bsomeIMG_5188bsomeIMG_5194bsomeIMG_5166bsomeIMG_5032bsomeIMG_5080bsomeIMG_5221bsomeIMG_5180bsomeIMG_5405bsomeIMG_5412bsomeIMG_5416bsomeIMG_5309bsomeIMG_5285bsomeIMG_5336bsomeIMG_5339bsomeIMG_5433bsomeIMG_5380

Hughes Family

This at-home session was held at the Hughes new home in Rockingham County. Hilly country roads led me there on a humid Saturday morning and I was greeted warmly by a very vocal dog, chickens, rabbits, a blue-eyed cat and three sweet children. I’ve photographed Ashley and Bill many times before and I look forward to continuing this tradition. Their family just keeps getting better and better…and bigger!bsomeIMG_3765 bsomeIMG_3774 bsomeIMG_3788 bsomeIMG_3791 bsomeIMG_3794 bsomeIMG_3814 bsomeIMG_3800bsomeIMG_3821 bsomeIMG_3820bsomeIMG_3854 bsomeIMG_3835bsomeIMG_3841bsomeIMG_3843bsomeIMG_3845bsomeIMG_3871bsomeIMG_3878bsomeIMG_3880bsomeIMG_3881bsomeIMG_3889bsomeIMG_3893bsomeIMG_3905bsomeIMG_3910bsomeIMG_3916bsomeIMG_3917bsomeIMG_3920absomeIMG_3943bsomeIMG_3932bsomeIMG_3953bsomeIMG_3957bsomeIMG_3962bsomeIMG_3965bsomeIMG_3967bsomeIMG_3971bsomeIMG_3970

Newton Family

This family session was sandwiched between two storm cells on the Quad of James Madison University. The post-graduation campus was quiet and calm. As the Newton’s smiled and candidly posed, the gray masses grew in the sky. The wind shifted to an upward draft and we wrapped up our session. The result: filtered natural light, rich colors, no squinting and wind blown looks for this model family.
bsomeIMG_0909 bsomeIMG_0922 bsomeIMG_0925 bsomeIMG_0930 bsomeIMG_0926 bsomeIMG_0929 bsomeIMG_0920 bsomeIMG_0935 bsomeIMG_0937 bsomeIMG_0952 bsomeIMG_0959 bsomeIMG_0967 bsomeIMG_0971 bsomeIMG_0995 bsomeIMG_1008 bsomeIMG_1013 bsomeIMG_1039bsomeIMG_1020bsomeIMG_1044bsomeIMG_1047bwbsomeIMG_1022bwbsomeIMG_1028bwbsomeIMG_1061bsomeIMG_1081bsomeIMG_1091bsomeIMG_1058

Caine-Conley Wedding

Brides Brittany and Lindsay along with their four lovely bridesmaids spent the morning prepping for the wedding day at The Storefront in Staunton, Virginia. This unique little spot is located in the heart of downtown that, on this particular dreary day, was bustling with coffee-drinkers and mom-n-pop shoppers. The girls grabbed their umbrellas and we hit the streets until the droplets became more persistent. The day was the epitome of fall in the Valley: gray skies, drizzle, a calm coolness in the air and brilliant, radiant changing leaves. The ceremony and reception was held at the Octagonal Barn at the Frontier Culture Museum. Personal touches could be found in many forms. The table clothes were made from upcylced Lucas Roasting Company coffee bean sacks; hand-written thank you notes (one for each guest!) hung by clothespin on a line; they carried flower bouquets handmade by Caite (a bridesmaid) from old book pages; the fire pit was crafted and personalized by Brittany’s father; Brittany and Lindsay even baked homemade scones to pass out and share with each of their guests during the ceremony. As guests warmed their souls with A Bowl of Good soup, Three Brothers brew and dance floor shenanigans, the beauty of the event became more present. They had love (and soup and beer and dancing) what more do you really need?

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