Godshall Family

The Godshall Family invited me to their home for a summer evening family session. And by ‘family’ I mean their son, two daughters, two dogs, new kitten, and two very-well-loved horses. Surely the grass was greener on this particular evening as golden light poured through flickering leaves of the trees. Below are a few of my favorite shots of this super sweet family.

Flaugh Wedding

This whole bad weather thing is a trend for me. I think storm clouds follow me around. This time, they followed me all the way to Millersburg, Indiana. I was prepared to be cold, I mean – we’re talking about Indiana here. But I was not prepared to be held captive on the second floor of a rickety ol’ barn in the middle of a map-dot for 45 mintues by gail force winds and golf ball sized hail. (I’ve been known to exaggerate.) *Auntie Em! Auntie Em!* I won’t lie, I said a prayer or two. Carrie and Brent were like my flight attendants. You know – when you hit crazy turbulence and you immediately look at the flight attendant’s face? If they’re good-I’m good. If they’re panicking we’re all doomed!! They just smiled and made funny faces and I documented it all with my camera while having an internal meltdown. The storm passed and the sun eventually came out just in time to set. Oh, Indiana. Carrie and Brent’s day couldn’t have been more memorable and I am so happy I was there to be a part of their celebration.
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Brenda and Colonel

For Valentine’s Day Brenda’s husband gave her a surprise photo shoot with the love of her life…her horse, Colonel. I’m a little skittish around animals and that makes them skittish around me…and that makes me a giant woman-child. Seriously, it’s not pretty. When I saw this beast I shrunk in my boots. Horses are huge! Brenda laughed-I was nauseous with fear. I quickly relaxed, observing Brenda and Colonel’s very special relationship. He was calm and gentle to her touch. Brenda Colonel 12

Brenda Colonel 11

Brenda Colonel 15

Brenda Colonel 1

Brenda Colonel 2

Brenda Colonel 3

Brenda Colonel 5

Brenda Colonel 4

Brenda Colonel 7

Brenda Colonel 13