Waylon and Jennifer {mini}

The boy of many faces…that’s Waylon. I had so much fun getting to know Jennifer and her adorable little boy on this Saturday morning in my studio. They share a loving bond that needs no posing or prompting. I simply acted as their paparazzi that we happened to call a ‘session’ and below are the moments I captured. bsomeIMG_2059bwbsomeIMG_2062bsomeIMG_2067 bsomeIMG_2065bw bsomeIMG_2074 bsomeIMG_2075bw bsomeIMG_2068 bsomeIMG_2092 bsomeIMG_2084bwbsomeIMG_2219 bsomeIMG_2217 bsomeIMG_2208bwbsomeIMG_2103 bsomeIMG_2099 bsomeIMG_2102 bsomeIMG_2101 bsomeIMG_2120 bsomeIMG_2121 bsomeIMG_2129bwbsomeIMG_2135 bsomeIMG_2132 bsomeIMG_2134bsomeIMG_2154bwbsomeIMG_2155 bsomeIMG_2152 bsomeIMG_2163 bsomeIMG_2168bw bsomeIMG_2177bw bsomeIMG_2174bsomeIMG_2191 bsomeIMG_2189bwbsomeIMG_2203 bsomeIMG_2198bsomeIMG_2185bw bsomeIMG_2181

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