I’ve always adored the idea of a woman with a pregnant glow. But it wasn’t until I met with Angel for our session that I truly appreciated what that means it all of it’s entirety. This gal blew me away. And it’s not like I don’t know her…I’ve known this girl for years. In fact, she’s one of my most favorite people. Her and her husband, Josh, are two of my close friends. Not close as in we hang out daily but close as in, they’ve been there. Ya know? They are great people and I would do anything for them. And I believe they’d do the same for me…because they have. It was an honor to help them document this special time in their lives. So many laughs and frantic, excited waving of hands. It’s what we do. I can not wait to meet this precious baby Shipp sailing our way in early September. brandy somers photography 0911 brandy somers photography 0900 brandy somers photography 0906 brandy somers photography 0904 brandy somers photography 0917 brandy somers photography 0921 brandy somers photography 0925bwbrandy somers photography 0944brandy somers photography 0934brandy somers photography 0951brandy somers photography 0969brandy somers photography 0965brandy somers photography 0966brandy somers photography 0972brandy somers photography 0980brandy somers photography 0983brandy somers photography 0987brandy somers photography 0976brandy somers photography 0996brandy somers photography 1008brandy somers photography 1013brandy somers photography 1011brandy somers photography 1017brandy somers photography 1022brandy somers photography 1031brandy somers photography 1047brandy somers photography 1046brandy somers photography 1062

The artwork pictured in the beginning shots was created by Ashley Sauder Miller. Contact her directly if you are interested in her work.



To describe Renee in a word: genuine. If something is funny – she laughs. If someone is in need – she longs to help. If she sees beauty – she declares it…then paints it. I believe her heart is heavy because it’s made of gold. I had the pleasure to do not one, but two shoots with Renee. The first was a casual shoot at my studio. The second was the following day in an old abandoned building near my house. I paired her classic beauty with a fur coat, a hat and some fiery red lips.

Part IbsomeIMG_3310 bsomeIMG_3298 bsomeIMG_3304 bsomeIMG_3308 bsomeIMG_3314bwbsomeIMG_3315 bsomeIMG_3316bw bsomeIMG_3321bwbsomeIMG_3320bsomeIMG_3358bw bsomeIMG_3363bw bsomeIMG_3369bw bsomeIMG_3374 bsomeIMG_3379bsomeIMG_3336cbw bsomeIMG_3340 bsomeIMG_3330Part II

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I can’t really call this a “session”…Bailey and I have been trying to get together for photography purposes for quite some time now. With her being home from school for the holidays we managed to squeeze in a photo-playdate. We met at my studio for coffee (and homemade cookies!) as the noon sun beamed through the windows. We talked aperture and shutter speed and laughed a lot and of course, I couldn’t help but to snap a few shots. A noteworthy mutual confession: Instagram food photos are NOT that bad. Come on guys, food is art!
bsomeIMG_3607c bsomeIMG_3607cbw bsomeIMG_3615bw bsomeIMG_3619bsomeIMG_3620 bsomeIMG_3621 bsomeIMG_3628cbw bsomeIMG_3631bw bsomeIMG_3636c bsomeIMG_3638bwbsomeIMG_3641bw bsomeIMG_3643cbw bsomeIMG_3644cbsomeIMG_3649c bsomeIMG_3653bw bsomeIMG_3655c

Angela {mini}

Meet Angela M. Carter, mother, wife, friend, poet. I recently met Angela at my studio for some headshots for her new book. However when I saw the way her red dress and pearls and lace and dark hair and creamy skin stood out against the dreary room, there was no way I was taking just a headshot. I think I was more ooh-y and ahh-y than ever before behind my camera that evening. That red! Gah! The session was too brief…I’ve already requested a redo. <wink wink>  Stay up to date on Angela’s writings on her Facebook page and her website and be sure to check out her book that’s set to release early 2014!

bsomeIMG_2424 bsomeIMG_2423bw bsomeIMG_2426bw bsomeIMG_2428bsomeIMG_2440 bsomeIMG_2441 bsomeIMG_2444bw bsomeIMG_2447bw bsomeIMG_2448c bsomeIMG_2453bsomeIMG_2450bw bsomeIMG_2455bsomeIMG_2471 bsomeIMG_2480 bsomeIMG_2486bw bsomeIMG_2484 bsomeIMG_2502bw bsomeIMG_2510c bsomeIMG_2515 bsomeIMG_2507 bsomeIMG_2508bsomeIMG_2521 bsomeIMG_2527bw bsomeIMG_2522bw

Fraits Family {mini}

It’s always a pleasant surprise to have a group on the other side of my lens who feels comfortable just being themselves, interacting as if my lens is just ‘one of the guys’. It allows for genuine, natural photos… my favorite. That’s what happened when I spent my afternoon with the Fraits Family. These kids have a heart of gold. What a lucky daddy. Fraits Family 1 Fraits Family 2 Fraits Family 19 Fraits Family 18 Fraits Family 5 Fraits Family 6 Fraits Family 4 Fraits Family 3 Fraits Family 7 Fraits Family 8 Fraits Family 9Fraits Family 10 Fraits Family 11 Fraits Family 15 Fraits Family 14 Fraits Family 13 Fraits Family 12 Fraits Family 16Fraits Family 23 Fraits Family 20 Fraits Family 21 Fraits Family 22Fraits Family 24 Fraits Family 25 Fraits Family 26 Fraits Family 27 Fraits Family 28 Fraits Family 29Fraits Family 31 Fraits Family 32 Fraits Family 33 Fraits Family 30 Fraits Family 34

Lucas Family {mini}

Just because the Lucas Family owns and man-handles their own amazing coffee business, doesn’t mean they’re all jacked up on caffeine all the time. And just because you have a slight case of a.d.d. after hanging out with them for an afternoon, doesn’t mean the smell of bean juice oozing from their being gave you a coffee buzz. But…one might think this is the case. That’s because those Lucas’s are dang inspiring: building a life from the ground up, raising two amazing boys, maintaining a loving marriage, juggling priorities and taking the time out of all that to support this local photog and smile for some pic-chas! Support ’em back, go buy their coffee!bsomeIMG_8263 bsomeIMG_8260bw bsomeIMG_8262cbsomeIMG_8266bw bsomeIMG_8280bw bsomeIMG_8282bsomeIMG_8297 bsomeIMG_8289bwbsomeIMG_8308 bsomeIMG_8319 bsomeIMG_8321 bsomeIMG_8324bw bsomeIMG_8328bsomeIMG_8337bw bsomeIMG_8338 bsomeIMG_8339 bsomeIMG_8343 bsomeIMG_8346bw bsomeIMG_8340bwbsomeIMG_8399 bsomeIMG_8403 bsomeIMG_8366 bsomeIMG_8363 bsomeIMG_8380c bsomeIMG_8381c bsomeIMG_8377bsomeIMG_8258bw bsomeIMG_8393 bsomeIMG_8394bsomeIMG_8424bw bsomeIMG_8428bw bsomeIMG_8430 bsomeIMG_8432bwbsomeIMG_8465 bsomeIMG_8460bw bsomeIMG_8439

Heather & Brian {mini}

Heather and Brian dropped in my studio on a cool, fall, Saturday afternoon for a short and sweet couples session. It didn’t take long for us to fall into the comfort zone and get to snapping. Their genuine nature is simply comforting and I truly enjoy their company, for photos and otherwise.
bsomeIMG_9293 bsomeIMG_9302bw bsomeIMG_9306bw bsomeIMG_9311 bsomeIMG_9317 bsomeIMG_9316bsomeIMG_9324bw bsomeIMG_9320 bsomeIMG_9333 bsomeIMG_9330 bsomeIMG_9326 bsomeIMG_9327bwbsomeIMG_9340 bsomeIMG_9351 bsomeIMG_9353 bsomeIMG_9355bw bsomeIMG_9363bw bsomeIMG_9371bw bsomeIMG_9388 bsomeIMG_9379