Wes & Ava {mini}

Ava is no stranger to the photo-game. (and here) When I was asked to do a session with her and her daddy, I was thrilled. We met in my studio because the weather was downright nasty outside. One thing became apparent very quickly, Ava looooooves her dad.bsomeIMG_1151 bsomeIMG_1153bw bsomeIMG_1157bwbsomeIMG_1174 bsomeIMG_1182 bsomeIMG_1168 bsomeIMG_1189bw bsomeIMG_1196 bsomeIMG_1197bsomeIMG_1216 bsomeIMG_1204bw bsomeIMG_1212bw bsomeIMG_1208bsomeIMG_1226 bsomeIMG_1245 bsomeIMG_1236 bsomeIMG_1233 bsomeIMG_1248bsomeIMG_1254 bsomeIMG_1256 bsomeIMG_1260bw bsomeIMG_1262bw bsomeIMG_1263 bsomeIMG_1265bw bsomeIMG_1286 bsomeIMG_1283 bsomeIMG_1269 bsomeIMG_1281

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