Jenner Family {mini}

When I asked Rachel to say something to make Andrew laugh, she uttered “explosive diarrhea” without skipping a beat. Ok, it’s like that. And it worked – we all laughed. Except for Alexander who sat comfortably in his freshly changed outfit with a look of guilt across his face. What a sweet little laundry maker.

Rachel and Andrew invited me into their home to spend some time with them, their sweet dog, Foster, and their new baby boy, Alexander.  I love love holding a session in someone’s home. I’ve been a guest in the Jenner house many times but never for the purpose of photography…and that changes things.  I love seeing the way people live, unapologetically, on a day-to-day basis. I love the way coats rest and dish towels hang and blankets are tossed and plants bask in the sun. I love the smells. The sounds. The light. And on this particular occasion, the baby and his furry big brother were pretty easy on the eyes too.bsomeIMG_3818 bsomeIMG_3817 bsomeIMG_3821 bsomeIMG_3823 bsomeIMG_3825bw bsomeIMG_3826 bsomeIMG_3833bsomeIMG_3839 bsomeIMG_3837bwbsomeIMG_3848bw bsomeIMG_3846bw bsomeIMG_3843 bsomeIMG_3844 bsomeIMG_3849bsomeIMG_3851 bsomeIMG_3855 bsomeIMG_3859bw bsomeIMG_3863 bsomeIMG_3864 bsomeIMG_3856bsomeIMG_3878 bsomeIMG_3866cbw bsomeIMG_3868 bsomeIMG_3873bsomeIMG_3892 bsomeIMG_3895 bsomeIMG_3882 bsomeIMG_3893 bsomeIMG_3894bw bsomeIMG_3938bsomeIMG_3935bw bsomeIMG_3917 bsomeIMG_3922bsomeIMG_3921bsomeIMG_3932c bsomeIMG_3923 bsomeIMG_3909bwbsomeIMG_3946bw bsomeIMG_3949bsomeIMG_3954 bsomeIMG_3957 bsomeIMG_3965

Waylon and Jennifer {mini}

The boy of many faces…that’s Waylon. I had so much fun getting to know Jennifer and her adorable little boy on this Saturday morning in my studio. They share a loving bond that needs no posing or prompting. I simply acted as their paparazzi that we happened to call a ‘session’ and below are the moments I captured. bsomeIMG_2059bwbsomeIMG_2062bsomeIMG_2067 bsomeIMG_2065bw bsomeIMG_2074 bsomeIMG_2075bw bsomeIMG_2068 bsomeIMG_2092 bsomeIMG_2084bwbsomeIMG_2219 bsomeIMG_2217 bsomeIMG_2208bwbsomeIMG_2103 bsomeIMG_2099 bsomeIMG_2102 bsomeIMG_2101 bsomeIMG_2120 bsomeIMG_2121 bsomeIMG_2129bwbsomeIMG_2135 bsomeIMG_2132 bsomeIMG_2134bsomeIMG_2154bwbsomeIMG_2155 bsomeIMG_2152 bsomeIMG_2163 bsomeIMG_2168bw bsomeIMG_2177bw bsomeIMG_2174bsomeIMG_2191 bsomeIMG_2189bwbsomeIMG_2203 bsomeIMG_2198bsomeIMG_2185bw bsomeIMG_2181