To describe Renee in a word: genuine. If something is funny – she laughs. If someone is in need – she longs to help. If she sees beauty – she declares it…then paints it. I believe her heart is heavy because it’s made of gold. I had the pleasure to do not one, but two shoots with Renee. The first was a casual shoot at my studio. The second was the following day in an old abandoned building near my house. I paired her classic beauty with a fur coat, a hat and some fiery red lips.

Part IbsomeIMG_3310 bsomeIMG_3298 bsomeIMG_3304 bsomeIMG_3308 bsomeIMG_3314bwbsomeIMG_3315 bsomeIMG_3316bw bsomeIMG_3321bwbsomeIMG_3320bsomeIMG_3358bw bsomeIMG_3363bw bsomeIMG_3369bw bsomeIMG_3374 bsomeIMG_3379bsomeIMG_3336cbw bsomeIMG_3340 bsomeIMG_3330Part II

bsomeIMG_3402 bsomeIMG_3394 bsomeIMG_3395 bsomeIMG_3406bsomeIMG_3415 bsomeIMG_3426 bsomeIMG_3413bw bsomeIMG_3427bw bsomeIMG_3409bw bsomeIMG_3414 bsomeIMG_3419bsomeIMG_3431bw bsomeIMG_3439 bsomeIMG_3451 bsomeIMG_3455 bsomeIMG_3465 bsomeIMG_3459bw bsomeIMG_3470 bsomeIMG_3475bwbsomeIMG_3482 bsomeIMG_3487 bsomeIMG_3484 bsomeIMG_3491 bsomeIMG_3507 bsomeIMG_3522 bsomeIMG_3516bw

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