To describe Renee in a word: genuine. If something is funny – she laughs. If someone is in need – she longs to help. If she sees beauty – she declares it…then paints it. I believe her heart is heavy because it’s made of gold. I had the pleasure to do not one, but two shoots with Renee. The first was a casual shoot at my studio. The second was the following day in an old abandoned building near my house. I paired her classic beauty with a fur coat, a hat and some fiery red lips.

Part IbsomeIMG_3310 bsomeIMG_3298 bsomeIMG_3304 bsomeIMG_3308 bsomeIMG_3314bwbsomeIMG_3315 bsomeIMG_3316bw bsomeIMG_3321bwbsomeIMG_3320bsomeIMG_3358bw bsomeIMG_3363bw bsomeIMG_3369bw bsomeIMG_3374 bsomeIMG_3379bsomeIMG_3336cbw bsomeIMG_3340 bsomeIMG_3330Part II

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Hughes Family {mini}

When Ashley asked me to do photos of her family for a second time, I was pumped! The first session was last spring and involved massive storm clouds and chickens. Now, here it is fall and her babes have grown so much! We met at the park for a mini-session filled with beautiful sunlight, homemade cookies and a warm blankie for Daddy. Haha! What fun these guys are!bsomeIMG_9856bw bsomeIMG_9855bw bsomeIMG_9859bwbsomeIMG_9874bw bsomeIMG_9861bw bsomeIMG_9866 bsomeIMG_9870 bsomeIMG_9868bw bsomeIMG_9880 bsomeIMG_9885 bsomeIMG_9894bw bsomeIMG_9897bw bsomeIMG_9896bsomeIMG_9899 bsomeIMG_9900 bsomeIMG_9904 bsomeIMG_9922 bsomeIMG_9926 bsomeIMG_9928bwbsomeIMG_9931 bsomeIMG_9934 bsomeIMG_9936 bsomeIMG_9940 bsomeIMG_9942 bsomeIMG_9939 bsomeIMG_9946 bsomeIMG_9961 bsomeIMG_9970 bsomeIMG_9985 bsomeIMG_9988 bsomeIMG_9990bwbsomeIMGz_0012 bsomeIMGz_0007 bsomeIMGz_0008 bsomeIMGz_0018bw bsomeIMGz_0001 bsomeIMGz_0021 bsomeIMGz_0024

The kids took off to play with their Dad so I grabbed Ashley for a few solo shots in the remaining sunlight. What a beauty she is!
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Lucas Family {mini}

Just because the Lucas Family owns and man-handles their own amazing coffee business, doesn’t mean they’re all jacked up on caffeine all the time. And just because you have a slight case of a.d.d. after hanging out with them for an afternoon, doesn’t mean the smell of bean juice oozing from their being gave you a coffee buzz. But…one might think this is the case. That’s because those Lucas’s are dang inspiring: building a life from the ground up, raising two amazing boys, maintaining a loving marriage, juggling priorities and taking the time out of all that to support this local photog and smile for some pic-chas! Support ’em back, go buy their coffee!bsomeIMG_8263 bsomeIMG_8260bw bsomeIMG_8262cbsomeIMG_8266bw bsomeIMG_8280bw bsomeIMG_8282bsomeIMG_8297 bsomeIMG_8289bwbsomeIMG_8308 bsomeIMG_8319 bsomeIMG_8321 bsomeIMG_8324bw bsomeIMG_8328bsomeIMG_8337bw bsomeIMG_8338 bsomeIMG_8339 bsomeIMG_8343 bsomeIMG_8346bw bsomeIMG_8340bwbsomeIMG_8399 bsomeIMG_8403 bsomeIMG_8366 bsomeIMG_8363 bsomeIMG_8380c bsomeIMG_8381c bsomeIMG_8377bsomeIMG_8258bw bsomeIMG_8393 bsomeIMG_8394bsomeIMG_8424bw bsomeIMG_8428bw bsomeIMG_8430 bsomeIMG_8432bwbsomeIMG_8465 bsomeIMG_8460bw bsomeIMG_8439