VanMeter Wedding

Ike and Melissa married on a friend’s farm just outside of Harrisonburg, Virginia. The day promised and delivered scattered showers but it politely waited until after the ceremony and most of the photos. As Melissa met Ike at the alter, a rooster crowed in the distance, the guests spirits lifted with the breeze and a marriage was sealed with a kiss. During the reception the rain clouds parted, yard games commenced and there was a whole lot of shakin’ on the dance floor. As it should be.bsomeIMG_4551 bsomeIMG_4504 bsomeIMG_4514 bsomeIMG_4530 bsomeIMG_4562 bsomeIMG_4590 bsomeIMG_4588 bsomeIMG_4603 bsomeIMG_4465bsomeIMG_4641bsomeIMG_4664bsomeIMG_4676bsomeIMG_4675bsomeIMG_4636bsomeIMG_4630bsomeIMG_4802bsomeIMG_4811bsomeIMG_4729bsomeIMG_4731bsomeIMG_4760bsomeIMG_4751bsomeIMG_4756bsomeIMG_4710bsomeIMG_4776bsomeIMG_4851bsomeIMG_4854bsomeIMG_4857bsomeIMG_4881bsomeIMG_4889bsomeIMG_4908bsomeIMG_4915bsomeIMG_4923bsomeIMG_4912bsomeIMG_4954bsomeIMG_4949bsomeIMG_4971bsomeIMG_4960bsomeIMG_4972bwbsomeIMG_4981bsomeIMG_4985bsomeIMG_4989bsomeIMG_4976absomeIMG_4992bsomeIMG_4995bsomeIMG_4997bsomeIMG_5188bsomeIMG_5194bsomeIMG_5166bsomeIMG_5032bsomeIMG_5080bsomeIMG_5221bsomeIMG_5180bsomeIMG_5405bsomeIMG_5412bsomeIMG_5416bsomeIMG_5309bsomeIMG_5285bsomeIMG_5336bsomeIMG_5339bsomeIMG_5433bsomeIMG_5380

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