Murray Wedding

Dawn and Scott got married in their backyard’s backyard. That’s right, if you walk through the backyard, just over a family-built foot bridge, passed the territorial rooster and the curious goats, the trees will open up to a beautiful panorama view. Right there on that patch of land, you’ll find all the joys of Fulks Run: mountains, corn fields, green grass and a flowing river. A beautiful location for a wedding celebration. Dawn was escorted down the path by her two sons and she was spilling with joy when she met her groom. Smiles filled the tent from the first moment to the last. The night ended with a friends and family bluegrass jam session, lots of laps through the corn field and a dip in the river.bsomeIMG_5567 bsomeIMG_5560 bsomeIMG_5564 bsomeIMG_5572 bsomeIMG_5622 bsomeIMG_5533 bsomeIMG_5531bsomeIMG_5525bsomeIMG_5545bsomeIMG_5697 bsomeIMG_5555bsomeIMG_5647bsomeIMG_5664bsomeIMG_5694bsomeIMG_5660bsomeIMG_5683bsomeIMG_5712bsomeIMG_5743bsomeIMG_5747bsomeIMG_5790bsomeIMG_5799bsomeIMG_5807bsomeIMG_5856bsomeIMG_5822bsomeIMG_5859bsomeIMG_5956bsomeIMG_5967bsomeIMG_5993bsomeIMG_5972bsomeIMG_6006bsomeIMG_6018absomeIMG_6044bsomeIMG_6038bwbsomeIMG_6032bsomeIMG_6027bsomeIMG_6043bsomeIMG_6029bsomeIMG_6034bsomeIMG_6048bwbsomeIMG_5920bsomeIMG_5911bsomeIMG_5934bsomeIMG_5900bsomeIMG_6111bsomeIMG_6091bsomeIMG_6131bsomeIMG_6188bsomeIMG_6191bsomeIMG_6195bsomeIMG_6269bsomeIMG_6291bsomeIMG_6242

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