Orem Maternity

I’ve been wanting to do a grocery store themed shoot for a while and when Sarah told me about her love of the Friendly City Food Co-op and her recent pregnancy cravings, I felt like I hit the jackpot! I met with Sarah, Chris and their sweet pup on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. After spending some time in cool air and bright sunshine we headed down to the FCFC for some Friendly City photo fun!bsomeIMG_8904 bsomeIMG_8923bw bsomeIMG_8928bw bsomeIMG_9046collage

bsomeIMG_9073c bsomeIMG_9081 bsomeIMG_9088bw bsomeIMG_9107bw bsomeIMG_9094 bsomeIMG_9111bw bsomeIMG_9119bw bsomeIMG_9125collage bsomeIMG_9131bw

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