I’ve photographed sweet little Eliza before and she always takes a few minutes to warm up to me. I think my giant camera is a little intimidating. But it’s nothing a few baby cheetos and a juggling daddy can’t cure. I think I should just start taking this family on the road with me!
bsomeIMG_5512bw bsomeIMG_5515 bsomeIMG_5525bw bsomeIMG_5547 bsomeIMG_5571

bsomeIMG_5569bw bsomeIMG_5579bw bsomeIMG_5593collagebsomeIMG_5598 bsomeIMG_5602 bsomeIMG_5614 bsomeIMG_5596bwbsomeIMG_5633bw bsomeIMG_5650 bsomeIMG_5634bsomeIMG_5676bw bsomeIMG_5719 bsomeIMG_5726 bsomeIMG_5736bsomeIMG_5693 bsomeIMG_5694bsomeIMG_5748bw bsomeIMG_5742bw bsomeIMG_5770bw bsomeIMG_5782

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