Carter {mini}

I have photographed Angela Carter before and I have photographed her children. But it wasn’t until this warm, spring, Saturday morning that I had the pleasure of photographing Angela and her children atthesametime. For Mother’s Day, Angela’s husband gave her the gift of a photo session…a Mother’s Day Mini! A special session just for Angela and her two beautiful daughters. We met at Spitzer Art Center, the home of both of our creative studios, and basked in the lush greens that the grounds provide. This location is significant for many reasons and will become even more so on June 6, 2014 when Angela celebrates a lifetime of efforts in the launch of her first book “Memory Chose a Woman’s Body”. What better reason to bring her sweet girls here, to this spot, to document their love. A mother, a wife, a friend, a writer, a poet, a community poetry circle organizer, a professional duty juggler and soon…the author of her very own book. Go ‘head girl!

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