Vanhook Couples Session

This was a photo shoot a year in the making. Andy and I emailed back and forth. And back and forth. And life kept happening and snow kept falling and the emails kept going. Finally a beautiful Saturday arrived and we met in Bridgewater to enjoy the sunny afternoon and take photos. Andy and Mistie are They have a natural love that gave me the warm fuzzies. They explained to me how a Saturday is not a Saturday without pizza. *score* So with camera in hand, we headed to New York Flying Pizza and made the Saturday official once and for all.
bsomeIMG_8596 bsomeIMG_8624bw bsomeIMG_8643bw bsomeIMG_8647bw bsomeIMG_8663bw bsomeIMG_8689collage bsomeIMG_8765 bsomeIMG_8798bw bsomeIMG_8849bw bsomeIMG_8859collage bsomeIMG_8878

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