Sponaugle Wedding

The last time I visited The Columns at Six Penny Farm was for Kayleigh and Brandon’s engagement session. It was as beautiful as I remembered with a breathtaking view of Massanutten Mountain sitting nonchalantly to the west. While the vendors bustled around outside, the bride and her maids prepped in the upstairs of the home while the guys enjoyed an epic man cave in the basement. Once all the pieces fell into place, Kayleigh, escorted by her father, met Brandon at the alter and vowed to love one another forever. The evening that followed included yard games, cocktails, creative entrances by the wedding party, a delicious meal, icing to the face, and lots of dancing and laughter.bsomeimg_1979 bsomeimg_1974bsomeimg_2015bsomeimg_2017bsomeimg_2023bsomeimg_2053bsomeimg_2065bsomeimg_2073bsomeimg_2080bsomeimg_2116 bsomeimg_2090 bsomeimg_2104 bsomeimg_2111bsomeimg_2149bsomeimg_2129bsomeimg_2140bsomeimg_2169bsomeimg_2175bsomeimg_2209bsomeimg_2221bsomeimg_2230bsomeimg_2256bsomeimg_2257smallspoon176smallspoon179bsomeimg_2293bsomeimg_2308bsomeimg_2311bsomeimg_2314bsomeimg_2318bsomeimg_2321bsomeimg_2327bsomeimg_2494bsomeimg_2503bsomeimg_2514bsomeimg_2539bsomeimg_2542bsomeimg_2566bsomeimg_2569bwbsomeimg_2554bsomeimg_2590bsomeimg_2595bsomeimg_2600bsomeimg_2603bsomeimg_2611bsomeimg_2667bsomeimg_2634bsomeimg_2747bsomeimg_2879bsomeimg_2911bsomeimg_2919bsomeimg_2934bsomeimg_2964bsomeimg_2768bsomeimg_2684bsomeimg_2187bsomeimg_3035bsomeimg_3050bsomeimg_3160bsomeimg_3172bsomeimg_3239

Venue: Columns at Six Penny Farms | Event Planner: It’s Your Day | Caterer: Hank’s | Cake: Buttercream Dream | Cupcakes: Cupcake Company | Flowers: Blakemore’s Flowers | DJ: Primetime Sound | Dress: Amanda’s Touch | Tuxedo: Classic Tuxedo | Rings: James McHone | Videography: Innerloupe | and of course, photography by Brandy Somers


As I parked on Sunny Slope Farms, I did a mental fist-pump when the fall clouds parted and blue skies appeared. I’ve known Caleb for many years…and knowing him made me very excited to meet the woman that won his heart over. Laura hops out of their car, walks over to me in her noticeably-cute Frye boots and hands me a bag of chocolates. Um, can I marry her? Laura is sweet as pie and fun, too. And she loves to laugh…which is perfect because Caleb can be very laughable! They are a complimentary pair and as we wandered around the farm that evening I imagined them back there, in just a few months, in a wedding gown and tuxedo with all their crazy friends, saying “I do” and sealing it all with a kiss under the same set of trees. They’re in the middle of an exciting journey and I’m so happy to be a part of it.


I couldn’t resist including a round of bloopers. I mean really, these guys are no fun at all…can you tell? Hah! bsomeIMG_6675bsomeIMG_6543


I first met Amanda at The Lady Jane during her First Friday exhibit. I walked in expecting wall art but was pleasantly surprised to see her little floral masterpieces. Arrangements that spruced up used food jars and donned a price tag labeled with a mere $5! The jars were modestly personalized with a ribbon or decorative string and each bouquet had a little birdie, a sparrow. Amanda owns a small floral business called Sparrow’s Floral Design and she has been keeping herself very busy lately. One look at her work and you’ll know why. I was thrilled when she asked me to do a session with her because she “just really needed some headshots” …nothing fancy. But after a few moments with her, the room softened. As the sun stretched it’s evening light, her personality poured out through laughter and all her awesome facial expressions, many of which, I have reserved just for her viewing pleasure. Ha! I really enjoyed my evening with Amanda and I look forward to working with her in the future!
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Marker Family

Six months ago, Baby Beckett was my first ever newborn model. The time moves quickly and suddenly here it is fall and Beckett is a whopping six months old! I met him and his mommies at the park for an evening shoot. Beckett was all squished up and napping the way babies do when we started so we let the pups do the baby-sitting while I snagged a few shots of Kelsey and Megan. Beckett joined us and his brotherly connection with their pugs is dang adorable. I just can’t get enough of Beckett’s expressions and personality. Look out world. This kid knows what’s up.bsomeIMG_5240bw bsomeIMG_5249 bsomeIMG_5247bsomeIMG_5253 bsomeIMG_5244bwbsomeIMG_5266bsomeIMG_5262 bsomeIMG_5255bsomeIMG_5309 bsomeIMG_5300 bsomeIMG_5283bw bsomeIMG_5285bw bsomeIMG_5296bsomeIMG_5314bsomeIMG_5317 bsomeIMG_5313bw bsomeIMG_5305bsomeIMG_5522 bsomeIMG_5330bwbsomeIMG_5347bwbsomeIMG_5383bw bsomeIMG_5375 bsomeIMG_5367bsomeIMG_5409 bsomeIMG_5401bw bsomeIMG_5428bwbsomeIMG_5432bsomeIMG_5436bw bsomeIMG_5437 bsomeIMG_5439bsomeIMG_5455 bsomeIMG_5454bw bsomeIMG_5465 bsomeIMG_5493bsomeIMG_5483 bsomeIMG_5484 bsomeIMG_5485 bsomeIMG_5498bsomeIMG_5508