Kauffman Wedding

Bobby and Julianne got married at the James Madison University Arboretum on a day that threatened rain with hovering gray skies. Ducks and squirrel played in the distance as guests began to gather under a tent by the pond for the wedding ceremony. As Julianne’s father walked her down the aisle and under the shelter, raindrops fell from the sky. Guests took communion and sat contently with smiles as the couple made promises of forever, sealed with a kiss. The reception was the longest and most lively I’ve witnessed with six hours planned for dinner and dancing. (!) The night went perfectly and new memories were made with the merging of a new family. The happiness was so contagious you could spot the hotel staff, wedding coordinators, videographer and DJ dancing and laughing while working. And then, a requested Metallica song played and I thought surely the banquet room would collapse on itself. The entire room went WILD and somehow the blow-up guitar survived the crowd. It was a sight to see and I’m happy I could be there to document this joyous occasion. Congratulations Julie and Bobby!

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Caine-Conley Wedding

Brides Brittany and Lindsay along with their four lovely bridesmaids spent the morning prepping for the wedding day at The Storefront in Staunton, Virginia. This unique little spot is located in the heart of downtown that, on this particular dreary day, was bustling with coffee-drinkers and mom-n-pop shoppers. The girls grabbed their umbrellas and we hit the streets until the droplets became more persistent. The day was the epitome of fall in the Valley: gray skies, drizzle, a calm coolness in the air and brilliant, radiant changing leaves. The ceremony and reception was held at the Octagonal Barn at the Frontier Culture Museum. Personal touches could be found in many forms. The table clothes were made from upcylced Lucas Roasting Company coffee bean sacks; hand-written thank you notes (one for each guest!) hung by clothespin on a line; they carried flower bouquets handmade by Caite (a bridesmaid) from old book pages; the fire pit was crafted and personalized by Brittany’s father; Brittany and Lindsay even baked homemade scones to pass out and share with each of their guests during the ceremony. As guests warmed their souls with A Bowl of Good soup, Three Brothers brew and dance floor shenanigans, the beauty of the event became more present. They had love (and soup and beer and dancing) what more do you really need?

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Troxell Family

The first time I met Lisa was at the Swannanoa Palace where I photographed her fun-loving family. On this particular Sunday afternoon, we met in Staunton so I could get some shots of her husband’s side of the family. These two are so fun to work with and I love any chance to meet more and more of their family! They are a genuine, kind, good humored group of people. What more could you ask for? Below are some of my favorites from that 80 degree October fall day.bsomeIMG_4527 bsomeIMG_4542 bsomeIMG_4547 bsomeIMG_4550bsomeIMG_4544 bsomeIMG_4573 bsomeIMG_4576bsomeIMG_4578 bsomeIMG_4583 bsomeIMG_4584bwbsomeIMG_4598bw bsomeIMG_4635 bsomeIMG_4624 bsomeIMG_4703bsomeIMG_4719 bsomeIMG_4706 bsomeIMG_4729bwbsomeIMG_4728bwSMALLtroxellCOLOR055bsomeIMG_4778 bsomeIMG_4785 bsomeIMG_4799bwSMALLtroxellBW40bsomeIMG_4783bsomeIMG_4793 bsomeIMG_4788

Miller Wedding

I have photographed Rachel and Daniel’s family in the past and they are so much fun to be around. They’ve made me feel like an adopted member…which I am totally cool with. At one point during the wedding a family member made me put my camera down, fill a plate with food and down a beer. True story.  This was a down home, intimate wedding that I am so happy I was a part of .bsomeIMG_5174

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