Tilson-Williams Wedding

Misty and Adam wed on the top of a hill with gorgeous views at friends home in Rockingham County. The sky threatened droplets most of the day but the clouds carried them away. Green grass, blue ridges, the sound of leaves blowing in the breeze and a roaring bonfire were just a few of the natural touches that made their day so wonderful. bsomeIMG_4278 bsomeIMG_4280 bsomeIMG_4293bsomeIMG_4306bsomeIMG_4334bsomeIMG_4327bsomeIMG_4329bsomeIMG_4342bsomeIMG_4377bsomeIMG_4363bsomeIMG_4557bsomeIMG_4394bsomeIMG_4396bsomeIMG_4411bsomeIMG_4390bsomeIMG_4422bsomeIMG_4430bsomeIMG_4626bsomeIMG_4489bsomeIMG_4465bsomeIMG_4481bsomeIMG_4449bsomeIMG_4476bsomeIMG_4492bsomeIMG_4490bsomeIMG_4495bsomeIMG_4522bw bsomeIMG_4518 bsomeIMG_4533 bsomeIMG_4530 bsomeIMG_4532bsomeIMG_4600bsomeIMG_4627bsomeIMG_4635bsomeIMG_4672bsomeIMG_4675bsomeIMG_4680bsomeIMG_4716bsomeIMG_4734bsomeIMG_4751bsomeIMG_4779bsomeIMG_4753bsomeIMG_4790bsomeIMG_4795bsomeIMG_4815bsomeIMG_4822bsomeIMG_4832bsomeIMG_4839bsomeIMG_4849bsomeIMG_4865bsomeIMG_4887bsomeIMG_4884bsomeIMG_4878bsomeIMG_4908bsomeIMG_4914bsomeIMG_4917bsomeIMG_4927bwbsomeIMG_5028bsomeIMG_5089bsomeIMG_4399bsomeIMG_4577bsomeIMG_4581bsomeIMG_5144bwbsomeIMG_5148bsomeIMG_5193bsomeIMG_5173bsomeIMG_5231bsomeIMG_5286bsomeIMG_5301bsomeIMG_5296bsomeIMG_5326bsomeIMG_5327bsomeIMG_5304bsomeIMG_5288bsomeIMG_5308bsomeIMG_5350bsomeIMG_5355bsomeIMG_5333bsomeIMG_5347bwbsomeIMG_5348

Flowers: Sparrows Flowers | Caterer: Scrumptious Suppers | Cake: Heritage Bakery | Venue: a friend’s home in Harrisonburg, Virginia


I first met Amanda at The Lady Jane during her First Friday exhibit. I walked in expecting wall art but was pleasantly surprised to see her little floral masterpieces. Arrangements that spruced up used food jars and donned a price tag labeled with a mere $5! The jars were modestly personalized with a ribbon or decorative string and each bouquet had a little birdie, a sparrow. Amanda owns a small floral business called Sparrow’s Floral Design and she has been keeping herself very busy lately. One look at her work and you’ll know why. I was thrilled when she asked me to do a session with her because she “just really needed some headshots” …nothing fancy. But after a few moments with her, the room softened. As the sun stretched it’s evening light, her personality poured out through laughter and all her awesome facial expressions, many of which, I have reserved just for her viewing pleasure. Ha! I really enjoyed my evening with Amanda and I look forward to working with her in the future!
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