Jody & Billie Jo {mini}

Jody and Billie Jo came to my studio on a snow-covered Saturday afternoon for a mini-session. I honestly can’t recall a time when thirty minutes passed by so quickly! I love spending my time with light-hearted, life-loving, genuine people…and that’s exactly the impression I got from these two newlyweds. Their laughter is contagious and I believe their positive spirit is bound to keep them afloat in their life together. Go ahead…keep scrolling…and get ready to smile along with them. 🙂bsomeIMG_4193 bsomeIMG_4195bw bsomeIMG_4199bw bsomeIMG_4202bw bsomeIMG_4205 bsomeIMG_4206 bsomeIMG_4210 bsomeIMG_4227bw bsomeIMG_4228bsomeIMG_4246 bsomeIMG_4232 bsomeIMG_4253 bsomeIMG_4263 bsomeIMG_4268 bsomeIMG_4271 bsomeIMG_4277bsomeIMG_4287 bsomeIMG_4285 bsomeIMG_4291 bsomeIMG_4296bsomeIMG_4301 bsomeIMG_4309 bsomeIMG_4314 bsomeIMG_4319c bsomeIMG_4322 bsomeIMG_4303 bsomeIMG_4330 bsomeIMG_4336 bsomeIMG_4337 bsomeIMG_4342 bsomeIMG_4344bsomeIMG_4354 bsomeIMG_4350 bsomeIMG_4352 bsomeIMG_4353 bsomeIMG_4357

Parks Wedding

I first met Kara and Chris when I was photographing Cassie and David’s wedding. They were this sweet couple at a guest table that asked me for my business card. Fast forward a couple months and we’re sweating our bums off in the middle of a Linville cow field in the June sun. You won’t pick up on the heavy humidity or feel the body heat radiating under layers of wedding attire or even notice the sweat beads gathering around their foreheads.  In fact, they may not have even noticed. I’m convinced Kara and Chris felt no discomfort at all during that day. They were just two happy young lovers in love. The kind of love that beams brighter than the June sun? Absolutely. I am so happy I was involved in this local wedding. Cheers to many more beaming years!
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Gordon Wedding

When I sat down to talk about the wedding photography with Cassie, the bride, she said “I love black and white. I want all the photos to be black and white.” You got it! Cassie and Dave are the owners of Union Station in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and where better to have your wedding and reception than in your very own restaurant?! Cassie was simply stunning with her classic selections and Dave kept the party going to the beat of Girls Guns and Glory! Cheers to one fun couple!
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Smith Wedding

Donnie and April were getting married rain or shine…or tornado. Yeah, that’s right. On the way to CrossKeys Vineyard that day, there was a dark cloud lurking. I turned on my radio to hear the forecast just in time for that loud WAAMP WAAMP WAAMP followed by a tornado warning for Keezeltown. Didn’t phase April. She was still smiling. It dumped buckets for about 30 minutes and the sun popped out. Men in tuxedos scurrying around, drying off chairs with paper towels was quite a sight to see. Luckily, the rest of the wedding was smooth sailing and the night ended with lots of smiles and lots of dancing.

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