Jody & Ava

It’s always a pleasure photographing parents with their children. There’s a love and a happiness that you couldn’t pose if you tried. It’s natural and real…and it makes my job super easy. This natural connection is exactly what I see through my lens when I photograph Jody and Ava. There’s never a dull moment with these two gals. They play off of each other in a way that keeps me chuckling behind my camera.  This particular shoot involved a “nature walk” (as Jody calls it), bugs, humidity, a big fat rabbit, blue lights (ahem), CrossKeys Vineyard (unrelated to the blue lights), and a juicy burger from Jack Brown’s Single Wide. Pretty much an awesome Sunday evening.
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Smith Wedding

Donnie and April were getting married rain or shine…or tornado. Yeah, that’s right. On the way to CrossKeys Vineyard that day, there was a dark cloud lurking. I turned on my radio to hear the forecast just in time for that loud WAAMP WAAMP WAAMP followed by a tornado warning for Keezeltown. Didn’t phase April. She was still smiling. It dumped buckets for about 30 minutes and the sun popped out. Men in tuxedos scurrying around, drying off chairs with paper towels was quite a sight to see. Luckily, the rest of the wedding was smooth sailing and the night ended with lots of smiles and lots of dancing.

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