Hawthorn-Gunderson Wedding

I stopped my car on a country road to take a photo of the sign pointing to the wedding. It was hand drawn rainbow colored bubble letters on cardboard, duct taped to the post of a road sign. “She’s in love with the boy…” I could hear Trisha Yearwood’s x’s and o’s faintly from a neighbors garage. On cue, the breeze slowly moved the buttery thick summer air as guests arrived at Paul and Maya’s home, the location of their wedding. Family members and close friends were all contently busy with tasks and everyone had a role, including the flower girl, Maya’s daughter Anna, who took me on a tour of the yard as she picked her own basket of flowers. She patiently and accurately described the flowers, trees and other plants to me, calling them all by name. With a rainbow color scheme set for the day, it was only appropriate for a cake cutting thunderstorm followed by a brilliant rainbow that stretched over the horizon. This wedding is one for the books. A genuine display of what it means to gather in love, family, friendship and fellowship and not things and things and things. Thanks for leading inspiring lives Maya and Paul and so many congrats to you both.
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Cake: Heritage Bakery | Grub: El Sol | Brew: Pale Fire | Hair: White Unicorn