Sponaugle Wedding

The last time I visited The Columns at Six Penny Farm was for Kayleigh and Brandon’s engagement session. It was as beautiful as I remembered with a breathtaking view of Massanutten Mountain sitting nonchalantly to the west. While the vendors bustled around outside, the bride and her maids prepped in the upstairs of the home while the guys enjoyed an epic man cave in the basement. Once all the pieces fell into place, Kayleigh, escorted by her father, met Brandon at the alter and vowed to love one another forever. The evening that followed included yard games, cocktails, creative entrances by the wedding party, a delicious meal, icing to the face, and lots of dancing and laughter.bsomeimg_1979 bsomeimg_1974bsomeimg_2015bsomeimg_2017bsomeimg_2023bsomeimg_2053bsomeimg_2065bsomeimg_2073bsomeimg_2080bsomeimg_2116 bsomeimg_2090 bsomeimg_2104 bsomeimg_2111bsomeimg_2149bsomeimg_2129bsomeimg_2140bsomeimg_2169bsomeimg_2175bsomeimg_2209bsomeimg_2221bsomeimg_2230bsomeimg_2256bsomeimg_2257smallspoon176smallspoon179bsomeimg_2293bsomeimg_2308bsomeimg_2311bsomeimg_2314bsomeimg_2318bsomeimg_2321bsomeimg_2327bsomeimg_2494bsomeimg_2503bsomeimg_2514bsomeimg_2539bsomeimg_2542bsomeimg_2566bsomeimg_2569bwbsomeimg_2554bsomeimg_2590bsomeimg_2595bsomeimg_2600bsomeimg_2603bsomeimg_2611bsomeimg_2667bsomeimg_2634bsomeimg_2747bsomeimg_2879bsomeimg_2911bsomeimg_2919bsomeimg_2934bsomeimg_2964bsomeimg_2768bsomeimg_2684bsomeimg_2187bsomeimg_3035bsomeimg_3050bsomeimg_3160bsomeimg_3172bsomeimg_3239

Venue: Columns at Six Penny Farms | Event Planner: It’s Your Day | Caterer: Hank’s | Cake: Buttercream Dream | Cupcakes: Cupcake Company | Flowers: Blakemore’s Flowers | DJ: Primetime Sound | Dress: Amanda’s Touch | Tuxedo: Classic Tuxedo | Rings: James McHone | Videography: Innerloupe | and of course, photography by Brandy Somers

Jody & Ava

It’s always a pleasure photographing parents with their children. There’s a love and a happiness that you couldn’t pose if you tried. It’s natural and real…and it makes my job super easy. This natural connection is exactly what I see through my lens when I photograph Jody and Ava. There’s never a dull moment with these two gals. They play off of each other in a way that keeps me chuckling behind my camera.  This particular shoot involved a “nature walk” (as Jody calls it), bugs, humidity, a big fat rabbit, blue lights (ahem), CrossKeys Vineyard (unrelated to the blue lights), and a juicy burger from Jack Brown’s Single Wide. Pretty much an awesome Sunday evening.
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