Lucas Family {mini}

Just because the Lucas Family owns and man-handles their own amazing coffee business, doesn’t mean they’re all jacked up on caffeine all the time. And just because you have a slight case of a.d.d. after hanging out with them for an afternoon, doesn’t mean the smell of bean juice oozing from their being gave you a coffee buzz. But…one might think this is the case. That’s because those Lucas’s are dang inspiring: building a life from the ground up, raising two amazing boys, maintaining a loving marriage, juggling priorities and taking the time out of all that to support this local photog and smile for some pic-chas! Support ’em back, go buy their coffee!bsomeIMG_8263 bsomeIMG_8260bw bsomeIMG_8262cbsomeIMG_8266bw bsomeIMG_8280bw bsomeIMG_8282bsomeIMG_8297 bsomeIMG_8289bwbsomeIMG_8308 bsomeIMG_8319 bsomeIMG_8321 bsomeIMG_8324bw bsomeIMG_8328bsomeIMG_8337bw bsomeIMG_8338 bsomeIMG_8339 bsomeIMG_8343 bsomeIMG_8346bw bsomeIMG_8340bwbsomeIMG_8399 bsomeIMG_8403 bsomeIMG_8366 bsomeIMG_8363 bsomeIMG_8380c bsomeIMG_8381c bsomeIMG_8377bsomeIMG_8258bw bsomeIMG_8393 bsomeIMG_8394bsomeIMG_8424bw bsomeIMG_8428bw bsomeIMG_8430 bsomeIMG_8432bwbsomeIMG_8465 bsomeIMG_8460bw bsomeIMG_8439

Horton-Seifert Engagement

It had to be at least 20 degrees. Please note: they are not wearing coats. But it’s all good because Dan and Caroline sure know how to warm up a late November morning. We’re talking Christmas lights, leaf fights, and Blue Nile coffee here, which I’m convinced can cure any cold day shiver. Happy engagement Dan and Caroline!
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