Lilly Wedding

After spending the day with Jr and Brittney for their engagement shoot, I was pretty pumped about their wedding day. These two are so much fun to be around: laid back, fun-loving, free spirits with a genuine care for their friends and family. When you’re with them, you feel loved…and sometimes your face hurts from laughing. Their special day all unfolded within a 4 mile wide pocket in Rockingham County. Hair and makeup was done at Brittney’s house; first look and group photos went down at Lake Shendandoah; ceremony and reception was held in Grandma Burner’s backyard (Brittney’s grandmother). With a day this personal, I left feeling like family…and filled with s’mores. Surely the best kind of feeling. bsomeIMG_3975bsomeIMG_3977bsomeIMG_3986bsomeIMG_4016bsomeIMG_3913bw bsomeIMG_3929bsomeIMG_4020bsomeIMG_3951bwbsomeIMG_3934bsomeIMG_3943bsomeIMG_4073bsomeIMG_4079bwbsomeIMG_4086bsomeIMG_4111bsomeIMG_4108bsomeIMG_4115bsomeIMG_4121bwbsomeIMG_4151bsomeIMG_4092bsomeIMG_4135bsomeIMG_4631bsomeIMG_4648bsomeIMG_4230bsomeIMG_4176bwbsomeIMG_4165bsomeIMG_4186bsomeIMG_4184bsomeIMG_4181bsomeIMG_4205bsomeIMG_4224bsomeIMG_4221bsomeIMG_4211bsomeIMG_4217bsomeIMG_4232bsomeIMG_4213bsomeIMG_4383bwbsomeIMG_4435bsomeIMG_4431bsomeIMG_4409bwbsomeIMG_4421bsomeIMG_4415bsomeIMG_4497bsomeIMG_4624bsomeIMG_4233bsomeIMG_4242bsomeIMG_4243bsomeIMG_4246bsomeIMG_4253bsomeIMG_4256bsomeIMG_4257bsomeIMG_4261bsomeIMG_4262bsomeIMG_4269bsomeIMG_4266bwbsomeIMG_4283bwbsomeIMG_4294bsomeIMG_4311bsomeIMG_4315bsomeIMG_4456bsomeIMG_4551bsomeIMG_4559bwbsomeIMG_4556bwbsomeIMG_4562bsomeIMG_4564cbsomeIMG_4570bsomeIMG_4604bwbsomeIMG_4583bsomeIMG_4589bsomeIMG_4591bwbsomeIMG_4597bsomeIMG_4600bsomeIMG_4447bsomeIMG_4534bsomeIMG_4538bsomeIMG_4544bsomeIMG_4546bsomeIMG_4548bsomeIMG_4515bwbsomeIMG_4396bsomeIMG_4397bsomeIMG_3993bsomeIMG_3996bsomeIMG_4015bsomeIMG_4009bsomeIMG_3999bsomeIMG_4004bsomeIMG_4663bsomeIMG_4695bsomeIMG_4708bsomeIMG_4715bsomeIMG_4716bwbsomeIMG_4733bsomeIMG_4745bwbsomeIMG_4749bwbsomeIMG_4750bwbsomeIMG_4758bsomeIMG_4766bsomeIMG_4848bsomeIMG_4851bwbsomeIMG_5213bsomeIMG_5214bsomeIMG_4853bsomeIMG_4797bsomeIMG_4812bsomeIMG_4817bsomeIMG_4823bsomeIMG_4774bwbsomeIMG_5116bsomeIMG_4658bsomeIMG_4971bsomeIMG_4991bwbsomeIMG_5015bsomeIMG_5080bsomeIMG_5149bsomeIMG_5154bwbsomeIMG_5177bsomeIMG_5180bsomeIMG_5184bsomeIMG_5189bsomeIMG_5194bsomeIMG_5234bsomeIMG_5237bsomeIMG_5269bsomeIMG_5300bsomeIMG_5264

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Lilly!

Blakemore’s FlowersClassic Tuxedo  | Church Street Bridal


Fink Wedding

It’s  not uncommon for me to tear up when the crowd rises to welcome the bride. It’s emotional. The moment is slowed and you can see clearer, feel the air around you and the sound of a crying baby fades into the distance. When it’s one of my best friends that happens to be in that bridal gown, clasping her Daddy’s arm…well, let’s just say I’m thankful I have a camera to hide behind…as I say a quick prayer that auto-focus is doing it’s job because everything is blurry through the tears. Crystal Folmar was my roommate when she met Brad Fink. After their first date she was long gone in la-la-Fink-land. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would stare at them from behind my camera lens and document their special day. This event couldn’t have been more perfect for the two of them. We’re talkin’ cowboy boots, a barn party, homemade food, the smell of barbecued chicken and pork filling the air, country music, Loretta-style-ruffles, green grass, blue skies, tears of joy, belly toning laughter, endless brew and lots and lots of love. Hit play on your favorite country playlist and enjoy their special day through the photos below.

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I recently met with Brittney and Jr at Bella Luna to talk wedding details. eee!  Before I knew it, we were knee deep in plans for a Richmond engagement session. Jr’s band, Driven By Chance, had a show in RVA and I was traveling to the area for a project, so it seemed like the best.idea.ever! And it was. The universe smiled on us that Saturday morning…the only Saturday since the new year without the threat of a snowstorm or a tornado. <–that really happened the day before the shoot. There were puddles and birds and blue skies and sunshine…all the teasers of spring. We packed our heavy coats in the trunk, dusted off our sunglasses and made our way to the always lovely, Belle Isle.
bsomeIMG_7599 bsomeIMG_7609bw bsomeIMG_7618bsomeIMG_7868 bsomeIMG_7631 bsomeIMG_7632 bsomeIMG_7643 bsomeIMG_7641 bsomeIMG_7688bwbsomeIMG_7692bsomeIMG_7782bsomeIMG_7667 bsomeIMG_7672bsomeIMG_7698bsomeIMG_7728bw bsomeIMG_7721 bsomeIMG_7749c bsomeIMG_7747bw bsomeIMG_7711bwbsomeIMG_7771 bsomeIMG_7763bsomeIMG_7826 bsomeIMG_7829 bsomeIMG_7807 bsomeIMG_7808bsomeIMG_7840 bsomeIMG_7852 bsomeIMG_7873

With tummies grumbling and the road home calling us, we grabbed a bite at Millie’s Diner and inched our way home. A unanimous decision to detour led us to Castle Hill where the light poured as golden as the cider.
bsomeIMG_7894bsomeIMG_7897 bsomeIMG_7910 bsomeIMG_7908bwbsomeIMG_7918bwbsomeIMG_7925 bsomeIMG_7934 bsomeIMG_7939 bsomeIMG_7995bsomeIMG_7998bsomeIMG_7956 bsomeIMG_7967bsomeIMG_7996 bsomeIMG_7975 bsomeIMG_7991 bsomeIMG_7987bsomeIMG_8018L-I-L-L-Y…incase you didn’t catch that. 😉

Gordon Wedding

When I sat down to talk about the wedding photography with Cassie, the bride, she said “I love black and white. I want all the photos to be black and white.” You got it! Cassie and Dave are the owners of Union Station in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and where better to have your wedding and reception than in your very own restaurant?! Cassie was simply stunning with her classic selections and Dave kept the party going to the beat of Girls Guns and Glory! Cheers to one fun couple!
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