Toro-Leffler Wedding

Jason and Allie invited their friends and family to celebrate their wedding day in a nature-lovers heaven. This lush oasis, Montfair Resort Farm, is tucked away in the mountains of Crozet, Virginia, just outside of Charlottesville. There was a calming peace over the whole event that not even a one hour rain delay could rattle. Guests joined together to witness Allie and Jason make sincere, tearful vows to each other while fog hugged the mountainous layers of blue behind them. Following a paper lantern-lit pathway through the woods led guests to cocktail hour where canoes were available for cruising and drinks were served in mason jars designed by Allie’s cousin. The reception was filled to the brim with personal touches of love. As I walked away that evening, sounds of dancing, laughter, music, and celebration under the canopy of trees faded into the distance behind me.

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Venue: Montfair Resort Farm

Jen & Shawn’s Family

It was only a 5% chance of rain. No need to reschedule the shoot, right? The 5% must have been right on top of the covered bridge in Mt. Jackson because just after three clicks of my shutter, the rain began to fall. Luckily, I was hanging out with the coolest-family-on-the-block!  Their warmth and love made the evening brighter. And talk about silly. There is enough silly in that little boy for the whole family…not that they need any help in that department. So much laughter and fun!
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L-O-V-E (haha)

L-O-V-E (haha)

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