Caine-Conley Wedding

Brides Brittany and Lindsay along with their four lovely bridesmaids spent the morning prepping for the wedding day at The Storefront in Staunton, Virginia. This unique little spot is located in the heart of downtown that, on this particular dreary day, was bustling with coffee-drinkers and mom-n-pop shoppers. The girls grabbed their umbrellas and we hit the streets until the droplets became more persistent. The day was the epitome of fall in the Valley: gray skies, drizzle, a calm coolness in the air and brilliant, radiant changing leaves. The ceremony and reception was held at the Octagonal Barn at the Frontier Culture Museum. Personal touches could be found in many forms. The table clothes were made from upcylced Lucas Roasting Company coffee bean sacks; hand-written thank you notes (one for each guest!) hung by clothespin on a line; they carried flower bouquets handmade by Caite (a bridesmaid) from old book pages; the fire pit was crafted and personalized by Brittany’s father; Brittany and Lindsay even baked homemade scones to pass out and share with each of their guests during the ceremony. As guests warmed their souls with A Bowl of Good soup, Three Brothers brew and dance floor shenanigans, the beauty of the event became more present. They had love (and soup and beer and dancing) what more do you really need?

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